Highlights: Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea | Reds beaten at Anfield

4. mars. 2021
1 088 378 Ganger

Watch key highlights from Liverpool's Premier League defeat at home to Chelsea, thanks to a Mason Mount strike in the first half.
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  • 1:07 Robertson shot?

    G MG M26 dager siden
  • Blue is the colour football is the game Chelis our namesea

    Avili YepthoAvili Yeptho26 dager siden
  • Why is no body talking about kantes handball?

    Amanuel EAmanuel EMåned siden
    • Because it wasn’t a handball lol

      H CH CMåned siden
  • I pray we win the ucl - the only thing that makes me believe is I remember the 04-05 season

    alida flusalida flusMåned siden
  • shout out to admin of Liverpool acc , even if we lose they still post the highlight 😂

    sokin jonsokin jonMåned siden
  • Mason mount took revenge of lampard

    Elegeant SagittariusElegeant SagittariusMåned siden
  • London is blue 💙💙💙💙💙 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    niranjan magarniranjan magarMåned siden
  • Finally chelsea is playing up to form. I think they can do somtehing in the champions league this year.

    Daniel Ernesto CastellanosDaniel Ernesto CastellanosMåned siden
    • 6 games lost at home, we just lost against Fullham 😭💀

      alida flusalida flusMåned siden
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    Walter TomazWalter TomazMåned siden
    • Chelsea 💙💪🏻

      sokin jonsokin jonMåned siden
  • Great

    Mike LeeMike LeeMåned siden
    • Now fulham

      pida siouypida siouyMåned siden
  • Lol😂

    Lalduh KimaLalduh KimaMåned siden
    • Chelsea 💙💪🏻

      pida siouypida siouyMåned siden
  • the secret to beat liverpool at anfield: make sure they play thiago🙄

    abbsnn coseabbsnn coseMåned siden
  • People forget when 64 games unbeaten here so once we lost it was like a dam bursting team needs a bit of tweaking in the summer maybe a tall striker for a different option

    Anthony LeightonAnthony LeightonMåned siden
  • imagine klopp getting sacked

    The Adrymansyah storiesThe Adrymansyah storiesMåned siden
  • I'm a Chelsea fan, just like to thank Klopp for his service. 🙏🏼

    mikea hiooimikea hiooiMåned siden
  • Francis

    francis long'olemoefrancis long'olemoeMåned siden

      abbsnn coseabbsnn coseMåned siden
  • 0:34 Stupid moment

    Irwan Hasnoor SugiriIrwan Hasnoor SugiriMåned siden
  • This “Reds Beaten at Anfield” title is getting a bit too repetitive now..

    pida siouypida siouyMåned siden
  • Once a loser, always a loser. Just wait for another 30 years to be Champions

    David TorresDavid TorresMåned siden
    • not worth to watch..to much excuses

      mikea hiooimikea hiooiMåned siden
  • This is not the same Chelsea

    Vervito UnitedVervito UnitedMåned siden
  • Lol😂😂

    Sheena Kids ChannelSheena Kids ChannelMåned siden
  • 6 games lost at home, we just lost against Fullham 😭💀

    J.0.h_n :0J.0.h_n :0Måned siden
    • 🤣

      Septianto Tri UtomoSeptianto Tri UtomoMåned siden
  • Chelsea 💙💪🏻

    KiKiChRiZKiKiChRiZMåned siden
    • U can't say the reason Liverpool are losing games is because of Virgil van Dik absence.They are struggling to score goals.

      pida siouypida siouyMåned siden
  • Now fulham

    Sarthak MOZUMDERSarthak MOZUMDERMåned siden
    • 🤣

      Septianto Tri UtomoSeptianto Tri UtomoMåned siden
  • I have said ad nauseam that Liverpool is bound to lose its matches with players like wilnaldum, Milner , shakiri, firmino, jotha, fabinho and others. These players have no place in the club and should be booted out in order to avoid the crash of the team. Will the coach have the courage to do so?

    DV ScorpioDV ScorpioMåned siden
  • 7-2

    BobbyBobbyMåned siden
  • 1. LFC fans should not go for "Klopp Out", Juergen is great manager he made Liverpool great again. His fault is that he almost don't use rotation and his players are too exploited. Add to this actual health situation and you have CoVid + muscle injuries. And honestly Liverpool bench is too short and little weak 2. Werner's disallowed goal is another thing. First thing : When passing touch was made only his arm was "offside", but this is part of body, that can't participate in game if you are not a goalkeeper. Second : this should be checked from at least 5 angles. I know about proportions, but when you slow down video, you can see that Timo had only his arm nearer to GK, and he can't use his arms to score a goal. 3. I said everything in point 2. so in short : Werner's goal should be allowed and Liverpool should get penalty for Kante's handball. This changes nothing (cause that Mount goal is 100% legit), but 2-1 looks just better than 1-0 And LFC fans, look at situation we are all now and how it's affecting us all. Klopp is great manager

    Xerox0928Xerox0928Måned siden
  • This “Reds Beaten at Anfield” title is getting a bit too repetitive now..

    Festus OndabuFestus OndabuMåned siden
  • 😓+⚽=😃

    zxcvbnm mnbvcxzzxcvbnm mnbvcxzMåned siden

    Dian SamuelDian SamuelMåned siden
  • Hahahahahahahaha Liverpool will take premier league number 20 After 30 years

    Malek AlsibaiMalek AlsibaiMåned siden
  • bobby is bobo

    Dio BorneoDio BorneoMåned siden
  • not worth to watch..to much excuses

    Maxwell LalungMaxwell LalungMåned siden
  • Klopp the flop out now!

    Callum BushCallum BushMåned siden
  • Van Dijk and Gomes better be dead for them to be playing this all awful defense pair

    SlaveLaboringKidSlaveLaboringKidMåned siden
  • U can't say the reason Liverpool are losing games is because of Virgil van Dik absence.They are struggling to score goals.

    Mwangi WachiraMwangi WachiraMåned siden
  • This is Anfield !!! Anybody's here !!!

    Boripat WannasriBoripat WannasriMåned siden
  • Anfield resort & spa

    Boripat WannasriBoripat WannasriMåned siden
  • Virgilio van djik debe estar de vuelta lo necesitamos a gritos en defensa 😭

    Roderick GomezRoderick GomezMåned siden
  • Liverpool's last five games on the hell of laughter. Loss loss loss loss loss

    abdulrhman altalebabdulrhman altalebMåned siden
  • Yo this is becoming a formality

    JannetJannetMåned siden
  • You Will never WIN AGAIN 😂 LOL Looserpool😂😂

    Seekor TititSeekor TititMåned siden
  • You Will never WIN AGAIN

    Seekor TititSeekor TititMåned siden
  • Mason Mount future Chelsea legend.

    Luigi PellegriniLuigi PellegriniMåned siden
  • Don’t give up, I support Liverpool for a reason ❤️Liverpool FC❤️

    _ L.F.C __ L.F.C _Måned siden
  • hey fifa what the heck allison becker 95 pace 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 to be honest bernd leno 95 pace

    Dedemit Luar Negeri a.k.a SwastaDedemit Luar Negeri a.k.a SwastaMåned siden
  • your always walk alone.

    off sentoff sentMåned siden
  • We play like the ai on fifa 21, just passing around.

    Joshua DeteringJoshua DeteringMåned siden
  • Poor no defensive midfielder

    Amirul AminAmirul AminMåned siden
  • The end of an era, Klopp is off

    Alan CostaAlan CostaMåned siden
  • Liverpoolose😂👎👎

    Viki AlanViki AlanMåned siden
  • 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    arshaq ptharshaq pthMåned siden
  • Mane didn't want to score against his Senegalese teammate Mendy. Period

    mohd faizan sayeedmohd faizan sayeedMåned siden
    • Lol

      Ha KrHa KrMåned siden
  • Better luck next time. YNWA 😷

    Stuff in the HouseStuff in the HouseMåned siden
  • Every Club are defending against liverpool like running away from a tsunami .. and making a long ball or pressing extremly in their area etc .. thats ephemeral.. Liverpool will coming back. Cause the Clubs who wins against liverpool are dont playing with their Brains instead with pointless tactics .. And they harmful to yourself and also for liverpool. But at the End, Liverpool are coming back and whats happen with that clubs ? They end the season 6th or 10th or maybe 2th but that was it again long term. Disgusting.

    Yunus Emre BoraYunus Emre BoraMåned siden
  • "Welcome to Anfield"

    Utkarsh RaghunathUtkarsh RaghunathMåned siden
  • _andifield_

    Rohn JoseRohn JoseMåned siden
  • Its bad too bad for Liverpool. Last season Liverpool was very good with the VAR on their side and many people came to believe that they are good.

    Saleh YassinSaleh YassinMåned siden
    • Yes. Liverpool already started to slow in the end of previous season. And they had much luck scoring occasionally in the end. So, this season is more fair picture of the fragile Klopp-made playing style

      ThePradecThePradecMåned siden
  • 💔

    Smile SmileSmile SmileMåned siden
  • kalah terussssssssssssssssssss

    Agápi. coAgápi. coMåned siden
  • In a time like this, we know who Liverpool’s plastic supporters are. Don't be a Liverpool supporter if you only support them when they win. When they lose you insult them with hurtful words. Just go away and find another team. You are not welcome in Liverpool.

    PinkTulipPinkTulipMåned siden
    • Supporting is not only warm words and closing eyes, but also a cold and hard critics as well. Who, if not supporters, try to push the positive changes by deserved critics.

      ThePradecThePradecMåned siden
  • N'golo Kante is a blessing from God

    Andon LakuAndon LakuMåned siden
  • For sure I respect Mane, but I feel he is not the same we know during this season while Salah still very good, coach should stop playing on the balances, am 100% sure that jotta, Firminho and Salah would do much better as forward trio.

    raed Aliraed AliMåned siden

    Korono WirusKorono WirusMåned siden
  • SUPER @

    Korono WirusKorono WirusMåned siden
  • Henderson and mane has clean chance that finished badly

    Shahir APShahir APMåned siden
  • What happened to manes killer instinct

    Amged FraikAmged FraikMåned siden
  • I love Chelsea and I was watching that

    S a M m Y R a IS a M m Y R a IMåned siden
  • What happened ?

    H EH EMåned siden
  • Wow, they really couldn't handle winning the league.

    Cole LindCole LindMåned siden
  • I am so disappointed with some of this Liverpool fans losing hope on ur team over recent performances and calling them names. Between 2 to 3yrs ago they were beating world. Man City last year despite the billions were no where near Liverpool nor have they won the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. When things dont go well thats when u should rally behind them and give them support. Early this year Man City was playing bad, so was Man Utd. Look where they are. Shame on some of u guys. I AM A CHELSEA FAN but I LOVE LIVERPOOL under KLOP and what they have achieved

    Kingsooloo resource and investmentKingsooloo resource and investmentMåned siden
  • 😄😄😄 ❤️❤️❤️

    romgozaimasromgozaimasMåned siden
  • Can't wait for crowd to return to football 40k singing you never walk alone Liverpool needs that right now

    ICE waterICE waterMåned siden
  • Mount 💯💯💯

    Amitoj BrarAmitoj BrarMåned siden
  • Last year was Liverpool's lucky run but not this year they just had some luck last year

    Nathan HauptNathan HauptMåned siden
  • The Reds get back to factory reset See you in 2051

    Andry Kitu GaAndry Kitu GaMåned siden
  • Will we ever win at home again???😭😭

    Abhiram S DAbhiram S DMåned siden
  • Liverpool is the smallest club in the world

    이민식이민식Måned siden
  • Liverpool is a poor place Manchester is better

    이민식이민식Måned siden
  • Manchester united is better than liverpool

    이민식이민식Måned siden
  • Chelsea is better than liverpool

    이민식이민식Måned siden
  • I don’t know that whether we are making top four or not whether we are going to win the champions league . B ut I do know that I’ll be watching this team till I die . You’ll never walk alone .

    Liverpool for LifeLiverpool for LifeMåned siden
  • lol

    Mr DWSKMr DWSKMåned siden

    HasanboyHasanboyMåned siden
  • Klopp out

    Neko Alby GuswaraNeko Alby GuswaraMåned siden
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ааааааааа

    Аделина ДжальмуханбетоваАделина ДжальмуханбетоваMåned siden
  • 💔💔😂

    Justice Samuel NunooJustice Samuel NunooMåned siden
  • Curtis jones slows d midfield.when u hav world class attack ,u don't need to create chances u just hav to pass d ball to dem.milner would be better.

    Kevin WatsonKevin WatsonMåned siden
  • Liperpul du yu redi tu lus ?

    ᮃᮛᮤ ᮛᮙᮓ᮪ᮠᮔ᮪ᮃᮛᮤ ᮛᮙᮓ᮪ᮠᮔ᮪Måned siden
  • Sorry to say,, but fabinho is so easy...

    dody herlambangdody herlambangMåned siden
  • WHY does the coach put Van dijk and salah in the team?

    Hanaleta EteuatiHanaleta EteuatiMåned siden
  • I always support when win or lose YNWA

    Ade Nyong Christian SamadaraAde Nyong Christian SamadaraMåned siden

      My location unknownMy location unknownMåned siden
  • Jajajaja que buen resultado

    На ЛунеНа ЛунеMåned siden
  • Come on Chelsea 🎉

    agung rahmadiagung rahmadiMåned siden
  • all three attacks are CLOWNS, I hope we get rid of these aging nonentities in the summer

    A AfanasyevA AfanasyevMåned siden
  • Manè should leave Liverpool! He is absolutely an obstacle and detrimental to the team. I didn’t want to say that before today, but today’s incident is obvious to everyone! He puts his own sabotaging intents over the team, Liverpool doesn’t want player like him!! Sell him out liverpool! He is replaceable. And please stop talking about Mo selfishness, he proved you’re wrong in all league’s games this season. If you want to criticize one player, don’t try to be fair by directing false accusations against the other. This is not fair at all!

    S AS AMåned siden
  • Anfiled going bad😭😭😭

    Muhammed NabeelMuhammed NabeelMåned siden
  • Oh, come on

    Fake JokerFake JokerMåned siden
  • High defensive line but no speed defender.

    joe rock injoe rock inMåned siden