Highlights: Liverpool 0-1 Fulham | First-half goal the difference at Anfield

7. mars. 2021
693 232 Ganger

Watch key highlights from the Reds' disappointing home defeat to Scott Parker's Cottagers in the Premier League.
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  • We are coming back to our best❤️

    AnfieldLFCAnfieldLFC22 dager siden
  • 0:43 cant blame salah he probably thought he was attacking

    Little BLittle B23 dager siden
  • Banter fc

    Fungusz _Fungusz _25 dager siden
  • Klopp Out

    César FC BayernCésar FC BayernMåned siden
  • Semangat untuk kekalahan selanjutnya 😂😂

    Muhammad rifqi FadhilaMuhammad rifqi FadhilaMåned siden
  • Anfield ❌ Lossfield ✅ We to win this not we wont😩😩

    Mohammed AlhaiderMohammed AlhaiderMåned siden
  • The audacity of the Liverpool admin to say " never miss a video" when the team keeps playing like they are on weed is unforgivable.

    Shriram VShriram VMåned siden
  • Salah made Salah

    Fajar AdhdhuhaFajar AdhdhuhaMåned siden
  • Liverpool FC ♥️

    Study & Sports ChannelStudy & Sports ChannelMåned siden
  • Liverpool chicken

    long dinh lollong dinh lolMåned siden
  • Come on you white

    Christrian EriksionChristrian EriksionMåned siden
  • For 87 of the teams in the four major divisions this kind of drop in form is a fairly regular occurrence, try playing in the lower divisions for 35 years and then see if you are still a fan. Adversity introduces a man to himself.

    mike saundersmike saundersMåned siden

    KamyGamesKamyGamesMåned siden
  • just wait ramadan...🤫

    Md fx FikxMd fx FikxMåned siden
  • Virgil's absence really affect the defense of LFC

    Se7enSe7enMåned siden
  • Good Performance

    eric Djeric DjMåned siden
  • Ngl this is to much but . I still believe in the team soon Virgil will be back and Thiago and jota . Arnold will be good good like the last year Keep sporting . You will never walk alone

    chi youngchi youngMåned siden
  • Imao xD

    Logico vision لوجيكو فيزيونLogico vision لوجيكو فيزيونMåned siden
  • what a hit from diogo ...pity he didnt get a goal

    peter panpeter panMåned siden
  • Lolerpool where they belong !! 🔴🔱🔴💪💪

    oggy jackoggy jackMåned siden
  • 😂😂😂

    Nicky LalngaihsangaNicky LalngaihsangaMåned siden
  • Tottenham >>>>>>> Liverpool

    hoo ohoo oMåned siden
  • this is liverpool i used to know

    Gilang DhaniantoGilang DhaniantoMåned siden
  • kloop out

    aditya naufaladitya naufalMåned siden
  • Halow Livr pool

    Siyanda DubeSiyanda DubeMåned siden
  • My beloved Anfield has become a brothel! I am so scared for tonight against Leipzig.

    Precious Best, S.JPrecious Best, S.JMåned siden
  • It's hard to win in Anfield even for Liverpool lol😂

    Lalduh KimaLalduh KimaMåned siden
  • Musim ini liverpool benarbenar hancur karena strategy main nya sudah kebaca lawan , kelemahan liverpool ada pada tinggi nya garis pertahanan sihingga memudahkan lawan Melakukan counter atack

  • YNWA

    TY HarperTY HarperMåned siden
  • L

    waningbuddhawaningbuddhaMåned siden
  • Thanks Lemina, Thanks Fulham wkwk

    nur hudanur hudaMåned siden
  • Lose again kwkwkwkw

    Claudia MarinkaClaudia MarinkaMåned siden

    muhammad ahbrianmuhammad ahbrianMåned siden
  • another 30 years incoming

    rabius Vmrabius VmMåned siden

    RefereeToursTV RefereeToursTVRefereeToursTV RefereeToursTVMåned siden
  • 😅😅😅😅😅😅

    Kanssas TeamKanssas TeamMåned siden
  • 😀😀😀liverpool tim mental 😸😸

    Miftakhul Ma'arif gganyukMiftakhul Ma'arif gganyukMåned siden
  • The goal wasn't replayed. Why?

    Fernando AntónioFernando AntónioMåned siden
  • Liverpool's beaten run

    Deva MahendraDeva MahendraMåned siden
  • Goodbye wicked strongest team

    RK 23RK 23Måned siden
  • Haaaa kok bisa kalah bro

    jonbudijonbudiMåned siden
  • Gw yakin pasti pas van daik balik pasti langsung gacor

    badru arsyad khairibadru arsyad khairiMåned siden
  • They were good at second half

    David AkengeDavid AkengeMåned siden
  • a bit shambles to post this ngl lol

    Young KingYoung KingMåned siden
  • the Admin is tired of writing ''the reds beaten at Anfield''

    Sizwe NcunukelwaSizwe NcunukelwaMåned siden
  • anfield is cursed

    Mireille BassilMireille BassilMåned siden
  • I'm embarrassed

    Ibrahim IslamIbrahim IslamMåned siden
  • Youll never cry alone

    It's ReindeerIt's ReindeerMåned siden
  • Klopp out

    Wilson MatiasWilson MatiasMåned siden
  • This is a freaken joke. Klopp out

    Chibuikem UbesieChibuikem UbesieMåned siden
  • Barcelona fan❤️

    Don't trust meDon't trust meMåned siden
  • Liverpool sekarang jadi lawak😂😂😂😂😂

    Aniswati -Aniswati -Måned siden
  • All teams were, in the past ,losing at Anfield , now it is the turn of liverpool to follow suit. What an aberration !

    DV ScorpioDV ScorpioMåned siden
  • Lookman is a good player, a bright future is looming ahead of him.

    DV ScorpioDV ScorpioMåned siden
  • The defenders were always killed when they got killer balls. The attackers had stopped working. Liverpool needs restart.

    edoasetyawanedoasetyawanMåned siden
  • Good LFC lost!

    CJCJMåned siden
  • Welcome to anfield! Grab your free points on your way out.

    pizzacruzt20pizzacruzt20Måned siden
  • “If you can't support us when we lose don't support us when we win" To plastic fans from Liverpool F.C.

    Mahdi RasouliMahdi RasouliMåned siden
    • @Aldi Cena not really we will talk after the 1st leg and the 2nd leg

      Mahdi RasouliMahdi Rasouli27 dager siden
    • Banter club, madrid just got an easy draw

      Aldi CenaAldi Cena27 dager siden
    • @Wonny Fotty burn

      Mahdi RasouliMahdi RasouliMåned siden

    Ardananto Azis MaghribiArdananto Azis MaghribiMåned siden
  • the ball just won't go in..

    মঈনুল ইসলাম আবীরমঈনুল ইসলাম আবীরMåned siden
  • Kloop out ole in

    godzillagodzillaMåned siden
  • Ahahahahahahahahahahaah

    RadioNoobXRadioNoobXMåned siden
  • Never give up wake up you guys am behind you

  • You'll always walk alone

    Alan CostaAlan CostaMåned siden
  • Noob

    11Andyka putra11Andyka putraMåned siden
  • At some point in our lives we have to accept its not our day or not our season. Liverpool must learn form this season and come back with strength and courage next season. Poor management and player decisions need to be addressed for future success. Let's hope Liverpool will have great success at Champions league. Selvan Pillay South Africa Liverpool supporter

    Selvan PillaySelvan PillayMåned siden
  • Lets talk about 6 baby 🤣🤣🤣

    Avinash KhadgiAvinash KhadgiMåned siden
  • ​Liverpool

    eitan yofeeitan yofeMåned siden
    • This is true

      eitan yofeeitan yofeMåned siden
  • Oof for you guys

    peterpan771peterpan771Måned siden
  • Even Fulham can win Liverpool 😢😭😭

    Daniel SmithDaniel SmithMåned siden
  • Pls sell alisson and firmino pls

    Shadow gamersShadow gamersMåned siden
  • 2:30 on the match: Aina elbowed into Salah throat. It is miracle, Salah was not injured. It was a clear and unambiguous penalty. Lemina pulled it back Salah and soled. There was totally irregular goal. This goal shoud not give against nobody else. Aiana hi with his hand hit to the ball deliberately inside his penalty area. The legitimate penalty was canceled again. This was 13th point, what referees cheat from Liverpool.

    Kk JjKk JjMåned siden
  • GGMU

    KRMT MCAKRMT MCAMåned siden
  • 6 home games ,even if we didn’t beat city and win all the rest of the home games we would be on the second place ,this is sad but no matter I still believe in klopp,YNWA

    WatermelonsugariceWatermelonsugariceMåned siden
  • to be disappointed...

    plus rubenplus rubenMåned siden
  • Can Jurgen change his formation. Example 4-2-3-1 or another. I'm afraid his 4-3-3 strategy was known by enemy.

    yanuars28yanuars28Måned siden
  • P

    ekapardiansyahekapardiansyahMåned siden
  • you never walk alone guys keep your head up, we will find the way

    AzzI Rizal FauziAzzI Rizal FauziMåned siden
  • Lose on, lose oooon, all hope you have lost cause you always looose at hooooome, YOU ALWAYS LOSE AT HOME!

    Jo-Ryan SalazarJo-Ryan SalazarMåned siden
  • Imagine winning the Champignons League

    bA MobA MoMåned siden
    • Lol the current liverpool will be eaten alive against bayern, man city or psg

      Ha KrHa KrMåned siden
  • They won the title,without the fans,now they are losing it(Top 4 included),without the fans,seems fair to me.

    Augustine AkibaAugustine AkibaMåned siden
  • I hope Jurgen Klopp read this comment... I'm a Liverpool fans and no worries... Liverpool is still doing great, the only problem is not able to score goals... Liverpool bad luck this year with all the important players gets injured but that is just the part of the game which i can understand... Jurgen Klopp must not leave Liverpool and rumor said that Steven Gerard might be taking over which I highly disagree with. He might be a good player but as a manager, I think he still needs more time to prove that he's worthy even though Rangers won the title. As a fan, i have full and high confidence on Jurgen Klopp and I am very sure that he will lead Liverpool to champion in the next season!!!

    John BrandonJohn BrandonMåned siden
  • Any team, plays against Liverpool, i am not interested to watch. Waste of mysleep or the result should knew earlier that Liverpool definitely negative results & many excuses reason. They are not in Top 4 placing.

    Simon alfonsoSimon alfonsoMåned siden
  • I think Steven Gerrard better than Klopp :-)

    Muhamad yuza PratamaMuhamad yuza PratamaMåned siden
  • Welcome to Anfield

    János KovácsJános KovácsMåned siden
  • the team still have faith and energy ...kloop must really focus on the forward to wok hard on their finishes

    tommy tshiunzatommy tshiunzaMåned siden
  • Please stop posting us losing games its sad

    Aaron PatelAaron PatelMåned siden
  • Ynwa forever❤

    Silver rakelSilver rakelMåned siden
  • Just listen to sour Liverpool fans defending their losing streak

    Dumisani KhumaloDumisani KhumaloMåned siden
  • You never walk aloneqq

    Ayep KoswaraAyep KoswaraMåned siden
  • This is the Kabak-Course: Kabak joins Stuttgart. Stuttgart relegates to the second Bundesliga. Kabak joins Schalke. Schalke relegates to the second Bundesliga. Kabak joins Liverpool...... Loosing almost every game Coincidence?

    Jonnytube14Jonnytube14Måned siden
    • I think not

      Ha KrHa KrMåned siden
  • Hi liverpool I hope you read this but I'm pretty sure yourll need to buy mbappe he's a fast runner and can score goals yourll absolutely disappointed me this season i know yourll lost van dijk but please buy mbappe🥺

    Mical GovenderMical GovenderMåned siden
  • Anfield has become comedy show .. Full of clowns 🤡🤡🤡 Lost against a championship club🤣🤣 Oh how mighty liverpool have fallen From a great team to clown team

    football is my lifefootball is my lifeMåned siden
  • Buy Ven Dijk

    1808尺卂Ҝ卂几1808尺卂Ҝ卂几Måned siden
  • Gys where is your top scorer salah kiekiek...!!!

    Noe MuzabiNoe MuzabiMåned siden
  • You'll never walk alone ... with you Liverpool ... forever

    أبو أمين مصطفىأبو أمين مصطفىMåned siden
  • Best team in England for a reason

    PES CityPES CityMåned siden
    • Remember the 4-0 Quartalona?

      Ha KrHa KrMåned siden
  • Enough is enough. Sack Jurgen.

    Vishnudas kVishnudas kMåned siden
  • 6x beruntun dikandang...... omg !!

    Clarine AnastashaClarine AnastashaMåned siden
  • Wkwkwk

    Rendy InriantoRendy InriantoMåned siden