Inside West Ham: Up close and personal from Liverpool's win at the Hammers | West Ham 1-3 LFC

1. feb.. 2021
360 620 Ganger

Get the best look at the Reds' Premier League victory over West Ham United with our behind-the-scenes cameras at the London Stadium.
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  • 6:21 That gini giggle btw

    mztrixmztrix17 dager siden
  • the time is the citizens time guys!!!

    Shasho RegasaShasho Regasa20 dager siden
  • Klopp really loves Millie😂

    Florence ChangFlorence Chang21 dag siden
  • Hendo: fucking brilliant son! awesome :D

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    Ahmed MonirAhmed MonirMåned siden
  • Salah 104 games 100 goal involvements

    George MaidenGeorge MaidenMåned siden
  • The Best palyer in the world Mo Salah 🇪🇬🇪🇬

    Omar GamingOmar GamingMåned siden
  • Jordan henderson- he's our captain 😀

    Carl JohnsonCarl JohnsonMåned siden
  • Salax 👍👍👍👍✊

    Alm RbAlm RbMåned siden
  • It was like listening to ASMR hahaha, love it !

    Maleq IsqandarMaleq IsqandarMåned siden
  • Yes. Play for the team.

    internetmaster1internetmaster1Måned siden
  • Inside spurs?

    walimisbah makarimwalimisbah makarimMåned siden
  • 6:17 Bobby...Bobby...Bobby... 😂😂😂

  • Curtis Jones is 20 and he’s saying ‘manage the game lads’. Love him

    Mo Lunat96Mo Lunat96Måned siden
  • liverpool u should have a purple kit

    Alex WilmotAlex WilmotMåned siden
  • Mo salah 3× Running down the wing Salah lah la la la la Egyptian King

    Alperen TEKAYAlperen TEKAYMåned siden
  • Please releive Hendo from the center back job. The guy is relentless, and I fear he might injure himself after the Soucek incident.

    Saikat MurmuSaikat MurmuMåned siden
  • look at mo gutted when they concede you have to love this guy

    Abdulkerim SeidAbdulkerim SeidMåned siden
  • this should have been a clean sheet. it had to!

    nightmareinbluenightmareinblueMåned siden
  • Boss performance from Nat phillips🔥🔥🔥

    A RoshanA RoshanMåned siden
  • Big Shaq top

    Kino FilmovKino FilmovMåned siden
  • we love u liverpool team's!

    Andri HermawanAndri HermawanMåned siden
  • I can see Henderson as a fine couch one day

    G.A genaralG.A genaralMåned siden
  • 2:09 Millie just loves the pain! ;)

    Gérard DepardieuGérard DepardieuMåned siden
  • Thiago: 4:31 hahahah

    POR HUBPOR HUBMåned siden
  • I’d like Hendo to randomly appear screaming at me “Different Class!” When I do something great at work. Would be very motivating.

    Zachary DrukerZachary DrukerMåned siden
  • Disappointed klopp loaned out Minamino but hopefully it’s for the better and he gets some playing time and shows the team what he can give so when he gets back they can just plug him into the team and help the team out in particular the midfield. Klopp said in a interview today that he didn’t give him enough chances nor was he patient enough with him and that he wanted to send him somewhere where he knew he could get playing time and do well I think Southampton was a good choice because the coach there right now is Austrian and Minamino just came from Salzburg which is in top division in Austria so I think he will know how to play him just fine. Honestly I think klopp doesn’t know what to do with a player whose talented in the sense that he can play multiple positions which is six to be exact anything in the forward line and anything in the midfield but his best position is said to be the attacking 8 role but knowing Thiago is there I don’t mind Minamino playing either wing in the midfield he can cut in and out of tight spaces and get past defenders better that way and also pass, create and score from those positions which is what the team needs right now on a consistent basis because wijnaldum and Henderson don’t do that let alone they don’t posses those attributes or abilities which he does have we just haven’t seen it yet because he hasn’t been given the chance like klopp said. Klopp obviously likes Minamino because if that wasn’t the case he would have never gotten him in the first place he’s the kind of coach that only gets players that are going to fit his system and excel in it but I also think the pandemic didn’t help him ease into a new country, team, playing system, culture, language everything that comes with going to a new team he didn’t get properly like Fabinho or keita did when they first got there but as I said in the beginning hopefully this loan will help him so he can help Liverpool for seasons to come.

    Maria GuerraMaria GuerraMåned siden
  • Thiago's reaction at 4:31 is awesome

    Luke EllisLuke EllisMåned siden
  • This shows what a FANTASTIC Captain WE HAVE IN Henderson. He drives the TEAM forward and Always Quick to PRAISE and ENCOURAGE His TROOPS- TOP TOP-MAN!!! (West Ham was FIRMLY put in their place- playing Liverpool is a different ball game. As Man City WILL FIND OUT ON SUNDAY)

    J.C. ANYIAMJ.C. ANYIAMMåned siden
  • 4:30 Thiago laughing is so funny

    김민재김민재Måned siden
  • First place or not they just play the best football. And I would say for years

    Respekt SchelleRespekt SchelleMåned siden
  • In 15 years when Henderson's son scores for Liverpool YESS WHAT A FINISH

    Rick AstleyRick AstleyMåned siden
  • That Shaqiri pass is just butter. One touch.

    Respekt SchelleRespekt SchelleMåned siden
  • Hendo has my entire heart

    KaitlynKaitlynMåned siden
  • Curtis Jones. That’s it, that’s the comment.

    Ewan GenneryEwan GenneryMåned siden
  • Wow. No audience gives a whole new perspective. Love Shaq looking up at 4:58 and then Hendo's joy at the second goal.

    ttMåned siden
  • For MO’s second goal Henderson, ‘’ brilliant son’’

    Ebrima DibbaEbrima DibbaMåned siden
  • Hendo being Hendo... vocal as usual , a legendary great champion of Liverpool !

    Andy LaiAndy LaiMåned siden

  • If Liverpool sale Shaq ... ~ No Comment

    Vincent34 ValentineVincent34 ValentineMåned siden
  • Hendo's kid: "Dad, I don't recognise this teacher." Hendo: "Different class, son."

    Layth BarzangiLayth BarzangiMåned siden
  • My captain my caption.

    Lucy CarterLucy CarterMåned siden
  • Love how the only thing you can hear is hendo shouting words of encouragement

    Dylansport 10Dylansport 10Måned siden
  • The tastiest selection of only the finest goals

    Mikk LüftumieMikk LüftumieMåned siden
  • Jordan fucking Henderson

    Orn McKOrn McKMåned siden
  • Live the salah..u re comeback

    Adi SutrisnoAdi SutrisnoMåned siden
  • Salah❤💖 برنس الدنيا

    Mahmoud AbonorMahmoud AbonorMåned siden
  • Mo was world class all game two class finishes but 3rd goal was a passing masterclass tho reds 🔴⚽💪🏽👊🏽👌🏾

    Lewis ColeLewis ColeMåned siden
  • 👍👍👍

    TAA ChannelTAA ChannelMåned siden
  • "One season wonder" and he's the top scorer in the league.absolutely brilliant.

    DM JAMALDM JAMALMåned siden

    Omar BarrieOmar BarrieMåned siden
  • My fav segments. The series. Inside Liverpool.

    Josiah AbiyaJosiah AbiyaMåned siden
  • no inside spurs video?

    Aaron TAaron TMåned siden
  • london is lfc's 2nd home (bar wembley)

    Aaron TAaron TMåned siden
  • Hendo - Brilliant son, what a finish!

    LFC SpectreLFC SpectreMåned siden
  • Mo salahhhhhh

    Awa wadeAwa wadeMåned siden
  • I love shaqiri

    ala' Arabyatala' ArabyatMåned siden
  • Mi salah el mejor

    Nora Zavala camposNora Zavala camposMåned siden
  • So much love amongst the team after every goals scored

    SW OnlySW OnlyMåned siden
  • YNWA!!!

    Bourne JinBourne JinMåned siden
  • 4:57 Hendo was next to Trent when he made long pass to Shaq..5:07 Hendo was the first player to celebrate goal with Mo...What a footballer!!

    Rebel RoninRebel RoninMåned siden
  • Mooo Salah mooo Salah mooo Salah is the the Egyptian king 👑👑 moon Salah mooo Salah

    العلم والإيمانالعلم والإيمانMåned siden
  • Topclass performance by shaq. Very important to have players like him.

    holzensbauer _ynwaholzensbauer _ynwaMåned siden
  • Did hendo call bobby bobs🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Muhammad GaniMuhammad GaniMåned siden
  • M salah ❤️

    Lukmanulhakeem LukmanulhakeemLukmanulhakeem LukmanulhakeemMåned siden
  • OMG Thiago's scream coming towards Salah for the celebration of the first goal was epic !! it exploded my inner ear wearing my earbuds hahaha !

    Mind OvermatterMind OvermatterMåned siden
  • Please censor the swearing, I am a Christian, thank you.

    philyburkhill1philyburkhill1Måned siden
  • Yes hendo! Different class son! Now let's get u bk in midfield. How dare people doubt liverpool mentality past month. Goal drought are temporary, scoring with intent always been liverpool way! Get in u beauty's.

    G KG KMåned siden
  • The dedication and commitment from these's lads is immense....Brilliant goals and love to hear everyone congratulating each other to the build up to the goal and the scorer...particular Hendo.....the drive and determination he gives his squad is great to see......Love LFC and always will ...YNWA

    sean johnsonsean johnsonMåned siden
  • Amazing mo Salah 👏👏👏

    عادل فراج فراجعادل فراج فراجMåned siden
  • Henderson is like the proudest dad at a Sunday league game. Boss!

    TrApZ JoeTrApZ JoeMåned siden
  • 2:49 That's our captain

    Lost MindLost MindMåned siden
  • I’m going to slightly miss being able to hear the players when fans are allowed back😂

    Strictly FootballStrictly FootballMåned siden
  • Hendo is a great leader

    The DoubleThe DoubleMåned siden
  • YAAAAAS! BRILLIANT SON WHAT A FINISH! Says Jordan Henderson who’s 30 years of age to Salah who’s 28😏😂

    Jason RussellJason RussellMåned siden
  • Liverpool have scored some incredible counter attacks on this pitch, I can remember 3 off the top of my head, all coming from West Ham corners.

    Strictly FootballStrictly FootballMåned siden
  • Our Pharaoh is back. YNWA

    paulgoodwin81paulgoodwin81Måned siden
  • YNWA ❤️

    Papajay LamPapajay LamMåned siden
  • This game made my mood above the sky

    mohammed akilmohammed akilMåned siden
  • what a pass from shaqiri but salahs touch and control was world class

    Harry GlancyHarry GlancyMåned siden
  • 20+ goals for Salah in 4 consecutive seasons Not bad for a one season wonder

    Avatar NAvatar NMåned siden
  • too easy

    Divock OrigiDivock OrigiMåned siden
  • Having no crowd in the stadium just gives us another perspective of our players in the pitch. The screaming, the shouting, the passion, the celebration. Astonishing 💪

    ShemiShemiMåned siden
  • More starting 11 for Shaq please.

    KakiGameDotComKakiGameDotComMåned siden
  • Hendo will go down as one of our greatest captains ever, absolute class

    James BrownJames BrownMåned siden
    • "What a fucking finish son"

      ReAL passw0rd thot destroyerReAL passw0rd thot destroyerMåned siden
  • Drop so many points this season with the injury list we've had and we're back in the title race we go again REDMEN up the fucking reds

    Kieran PughKieran PughMåned siden
  • Great Camerawork, Great Sound. Great to see the inside, out👌

    Joe JacksonJoe JacksonMåned siden
  • Now I just want a complication of hendo screaming his lungs off on the pitch

    m dm dMåned siden
  • Without fans 🥺

    hassan Ahmedhassan AhmedMåned siden
  • Love watching Shaq celebrate and be happy again. Such an amazing pass from him for the second goal. What a talent!

    Ben GlencrossBen GlencrossMåned siden
  • Thiagoooo screaming and laughing 🤣🤣🔴🔴

    Sir BurgerSir BurgerMåned siden
  • Man utd 3 Liverpool 2

    Dylan PennickDylan PennickMåned siden
  • Where’s the Liverpool crests on those coats? That should be the main emblem on the coat.

    Stanetti ElsStanetti ElsMåned siden
  • for me, my man of the match was Nathaniel Philips. he did well holding Antonio and making some important clearance.

    Opeyemi HarzginOpeyemi HarzginMåned siden
    • Yeah but I not like we were constantly relying on him Salah or gini deserves motm

      ReAL passw0rd thot destroyerReAL passw0rd thot destroyerMåned siden
  • Shaqui is so cute 🥰

    Naoemie RayaNaoemie RayaMåned siden
  • Brillant finish son

    Ryan MurphyRyan MurphyMåned siden
  • Hendo's so inspirational! he uplifts the spirits and morale of the team! Remarkable Skipper, very lucky to have him! YNWA!

    Bilal Ahmed ShariffBilal Ahmed ShariffMåned siden
  • Wish Shaqiri get more chance this season!!

    SiuKar628SiuKar628Måned siden
  • Thiago was in awe of Salah's first goal

    BenjaminBenjaminMåned siden
  • Robertson: *Breathes Henderson: YEEEEES ROBBO!!!

    Julian RichardsonJulian RichardsonMåned siden