Inside Wolves: Jota scores on Molineux return | Behind the scenes

17. mars. 2021
201 408 Ganger

Enjoy our alternative look at Liverpool's Premier League win at Wolves as we go behind the scenes at Molineux.
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  • What is the name of the song playing at 2:46

    Henry MullerHenry Muller7 dager siden
  • Chcę grać w Liverpoolu jestem bramkarzem uwielbiam Alissona kocham was

    Lew GamingLew Gaming24 dager siden
  • 😘😘😘😘😘😘

    ania bioania bio24 dager siden
  • diogo is the only reason to smile about this season give him the team player of the year please he has earned it and team performance during his absences, along with his individual performances when fit, solidify that fact

    Eben Olemaun-KhanEben Olemaun-Khan25 dager siden
  • I notice you chose to omit both the stonewall penalties the 12th Liverpool player (Craig Pawson) never gave. We just couldn't beat 12 men on the night and even Jurgen knew that hence his claim of a "dirty victory"..

    HungryLikeTheWolfHungryLikeTheWolf27 dager siden
    • There was no pens to be given

      dean knightdean knight26 dager siden
  • As an Indonesian who has loved Liverpool FC since 1996, I am very disappointed with the British government because the Indonesian team cannot participate in the All England tournament 😭

    Captain IndonesiaCaptain Indonesia27 dager siden
  • Sadio is the king

    mame mbaye khelcommame mbaye khelcom28 dager siden
  • Andygoat

    Nabil Irsyad SyamilNabil Irsyad Syamil28 dager siden
  • I truly believe if jota hadn’t got injured in that meaningless game our season would have turned out a lot differently in the league. He’s a spark for the attack.

    Amged FraikAmged Fraik29 dager siden
  • Walk on through the wind .. walk on through the rain ..

    Wahju HartonoWahju Hartono29 dager siden
  • I miss jota

  • Getting tired of this INSIDE, only shown when we win. Come on LFC, win lose or draw still needs to be shown. Poor

    Nick BestNick BestMåned siden
  • The beauty of Liverpool in Salah and Mane

    Ball stars European footBall stars European footMåned siden
  • It’s amazing how important jota has become this season.

    Tom-jay914Tom-jay914Måned siden
  • Champions the best team

    Matthew du SartMatthew du SartMåned siden
  • That Nabylad ccontent was so satisfying😍

    Ximenes66Ximenes66Måned siden
  • Nicna

    Cheikh NdiayeCheikh NdiayeMåned siden
  • Nathan phlp

    Suliman SulimanSuliman SulimanMåned siden
  • Ynwa jota

    NariusNariusMåned siden
  • Look at the thumbs down for this ha

    Dave CDave CMåned siden
  • JOTA🔥😍 Bobby 👎

    MIND the GAPMIND the GAPMåned siden
  • love you LIVERPOOL

    It ItIt ItMåned siden

    Israel Attacked USS Liberty and Did 9/11Israel Attacked USS Liberty and Did 9/11Måned siden
  • A word for, Sean Cox. Hope you're getting better mate. Always in my thoughts. YNWA ❤

    One LoveOne LoveMåned siden
  • Diogo Jota is our next big thing.

    Reza Akbar MeidiansyahReza Akbar MeidiansyahMåned siden
  • Salah and mane both dont drink fitness freaks,but at the moment they don't get along,if they just celebrate paddy's day together with a bottle of whiskey they will go on goal streak

    Daragh ReillyDaragh ReillyMåned siden
  • I watch the games here in the states, and I wish NBC would stop putting the artificial crowd noise over the games.

    KENKENMåned siden
  • Brilliant

    Sara CookSara CookMåned siden
  • 1:57 ox: did u get that crossbar cameraman: no ox and jones:noooooooo

    Nelly SavageNelly SavageMåned siden
  • I believe we will still qualify for champions league

    AXD SoloAXD SoloMåned siden
  • Jota the sloter 😂

    # MoMoSyM66# MoMoSyM66Måned siden
  • Can we have jota back please!?!?

    Justin RoweJustin RoweMåned siden
  • 2:26 Kabak and Robbo smack each other’s buts

    Chester LFCChester LFCMåned siden
  • The best thing about jota he is good on both feet

    Javed AkhtarJaved AkhtarMåned siden
  • مباراة الأنانية من ساديو ماني

    الشريف سديرالشريف سديرMåned siden
  • Sadio Mane's performance has dropped sharply.. Salah haven't spirit. Bobby is lost... No pressing, no shoot, just normal pass Jota is clinical...

    Samuel AritonangSamuel AritonangMåned siden
  • It isn’t happening for Thiago at the moment. Still one of the best midfielders in the world. Argue with yourself if u disagree

    Flex 77Flex 77Måned siden
  • 🎄🎄 ⛪⛩🕋🏅😏😀😕😁🗽🏪🌟🎄⭐💒

    เฉลิม ท่อกระโทกเฉลิม ท่อกระโทกMåned siden
  • I won't get tired of giving you player recommendations Mr. Klopp

    Endras LuckyEndras LuckyMåned siden
  • We won on my brithday I’m 12 YNWA ❤️🔴

    Jamie LFCJamie LFCMåned siden
  • 3:24 Bismillah

    Rido AlfinoRido AlfinoMåned siden
  • Happy jota is back

    Tony TTony TMåned siden
  • Least the elite are loving lockdown....🐑🐑🐑

    lord skidmarkslord skidmarksMåned siden
  • Is it me or Thiago has this sphyco look on him... LOL

    maemaeMåned siden
  • I love the view angle very much, please make more videos on this angle # YNWA

    rabindranath berarabindranath beraMåned siden
  • ارجوكم. سعدوني. لم. اعد اتحمل. ا ريد حتا.

    ليفربول حلم حياتيليفربول حلم حياتيMåned siden
  • حلم حياتي. الاب. مع ليفربول. احبك. ياااليفربول اكثرمن نفسي

    ليفربول حلم حياتيليفربول حلم حياتيMåned siden
  • 👏🔴👍🙌🔥

    ZoqoZoqoMåned siden
  • Diogol jotaaa

    ausausMåned siden
  • Jota has that something that Liverpool needs right now....So glad that he's back... Ofcourse every player is crucial Stay strong Liverpool ...building up the pieces together YNWA

    AoChokidarAoChokidarMåned siden
  • what's that white patch on the back of thiago's socks?

    Brad MartzBrad MartzMåned siden
  • ขอบคุณบอส jkทีมงานและผู้เล่นทุกๆคนครับ

    Chairat MChairat MMåned siden
  • Jota reminds me of a young suarez the man is full of tenacity and hunger his closing down and effort is great. Bargain for Liverpool

    Saqib KhanSaqib KhanMåned siden
  • Football is not only skill, but mentality needed. Always together, support each other. Let's bring back our the best performance again🔥 no matter what, always love this club'..

    Bad LuckBad LuckMåned siden
  • 💪💪💪

    Abdinasir MohamedAbdinasir MohamedMåned siden
  • Alhamdulilah liverpool winne wolves 0 liverpool 1 you never alone

    Muhammad faris officiallMuhammad faris officiallMåned siden
  • สุดยอดครับ

    ณัฐวุฒิ แสนจันทร์ณัฐวุฒิ แสนจันทร์Måned siden
  • Nice na

    Norou NdiayeNorou NdiayeMåned siden
  • yes Jota!! 🔥🔥🔥

    yosua nyayatyosua nyayatMåned siden
  • Kabak 💪💪

    HRH jrHRH jrMåned siden
  • If home games are inside Anfield, away games should be inside molineux

    DevTheDuckIIDevTheDuckIIMåned siden
  • Nobody can doubt Jota's importance. But why get sidelined for I don't know how many weeks? Injury rehabilitation is more a crisis in LFC than refusing to buy cover players!!!

    Karanja NjugunaKaranja NjugunaMåned siden
  • Jota salah firmino Mané out egouiste selfish👎👎

    Had HakiHad HakiMåned siden
  • YNWA ❤️

    Mateus ConceiçãoMateus ConceiçãoMåned siden
  • The difference jota has made since he came back is huge. He NEVER stops running and causing problems for the opposition. What a great buy he was. I cant help wonder where we would have been if fabinho was in midfield and jota wasn't injured for them 3 months.

    angel queenシangel queenシMåned siden
  • 6:28 Reports indicate that Moutinho sustained a severely sprained eyebrow from this glancing brush with Sadio Mane's arm, so it's completely understandable why he would be writhing on the ground in utter agony. (NOTE: Any time a player covers his face with both hands, he's faking)

    Dan the ManDan the ManMåned siden
  • Dio goal!

    Klopp The KopKlopp The KopMåned siden
  • congrats...go go go... win win win... YNWA

    Evlon S P KaunangEvlon S P KaunangMåned siden
  • Liverpool FC is back for PL

    Health and travel by TomHealth and travel by TomMåned siden
  • jota ... my man

    suresh risalsuresh risalMåned siden
  • Thiago is something else when fab plays beside him in midfield

    Jan ŠtikaJan ŠtikaMåned siden
  • كلكم اجنب

    ال تتال تتMåned siden
  • Special special player jota

    Ayush Pratap SinghAyush Pratap SinghMåned siden
  • its feels good to win

    A FailureA FailureMåned siden
  • Jota returning has honestly been the biggest lift we could have possibly asked for. He's a first team player, even though he's new. He's as vital as any of the front 3 and really has transformed us (Including BIG Fab back in DM)

    Naveen MagapuNaveen MagapuMåned siden
    • @Kevin Okemwa Yeah i think we need 3 big signings at least this summer even if its not gonna be the big rebuild everyone talking about. One pure striker, one dominant central midfielder box to box and another first choice CB who could potentially partner VVD. I dont think we should keep kabak after the loan spell.

      Naveen MagapuNaveen Magapu29 dager siden
    • @Naveen Magapu Hopefully, a change of tactics comes along to surprise our opponents..too often have we been so predictable. We definitely need another striker! Our depth in the front 3 while Jota was not to reassuring..I think a CF would do us a world of good!

      Kevin OkemwaKevin OkemwaMåned siden
    • @Kevin Okemwa Well firmino can work in the CAM role only if we change formation which I don't see us risking this season. 4231 is the only other formation we've played and we haven't done it much.. The question for the summer would be do u keep Jota as a striker since he's becoming one of our best finishers. And then buy a wide forward player, or buy another Striker and keep Jota on the wings permanently.

      Naveen MagapuNaveen MagapuMåned siden
    • @Naveen Magapu YES! Exactly what I think aswell. That is the formation I want to see up front! I think Jota plays his best coming from the the left wing..he cuts in beautifully from that side. What are your thoughts on Firmino dropping to a CAM role?

      Kevin OkemwaKevin OkemwaMåned siden
    • @Kevin Okemwa What do you think Jota's best position is? He is playing the false 9 role differently but is very effective at it. Although originally we did buy him as a wing option. I'd like to see Salah down the middle, Jota left and Mane right till the end of the season. Jota/Mane definitely better at the press from front and tracking back.

      Naveen MagapuNaveen MagapuMåned siden
  • It’s ironic seeing Jota scoring against his national team

    fntw _fntw _Måned siden
  • 2.25 I'm so happy everytime I see this part

    Ong JunWeiOng JunWeiMåned siden
  • Jota return back to molineux with a great goal

    Ong JunWeiOng JunWeiMåned siden
  • Hold up...Inside what now?

    No uNo uMåned siden
  • Lucky to win that game. Mane's reluctance to pass to Salah nearly cost Liverpool.

    igorstravinskyigorstravinskyMåned siden
  • Don’t you just love that thumbnail

    AnonymousAnonymousMåned siden
  • Diogoal

    MoSalah YouLittleDancerMoSalah YouLittleDancerMåned siden
  • Dude, the way Jota speaks is exactly like Cristiano Ronaldo

    Scarface ReaperScarface ReaperMåned siden
  • best wishes to Rui Patricio

    Julian MelzerJulian MelzerMåned siden
  • Let's go lads hope jota will score a lot and win a lot game for us and then put us in top 4 back

    Syed MalysiaSyed MalysiaMåned siden
  • C'mont Liverpool 🔴

    Pedro Henrique SilvaPedro Henrique SilvaMåned siden
  • The good answer jota 😎

    Muhammad adib AdibMuhammad adib AdibMåned siden
  • Liverpool ar best! Come to champions league 🤩⚽ YNWA❤️💚🌹

    Iver Godø WiikIver Godø WiikMåned siden
  • Now to keep this mommentum 2 games 3 open play goals and 2 clean sheets

    Mr VelicMr VelicMåned siden
  • Diogoal Jota

    LinggardinhoLinggardinhoMåned siden
  • So is it true? That the Liverpool players hate/dont like the new training ground beacuse of the strong wind? If so, must be easy to fix that. 13 matches, 4 wins - 2 draw and lost 7 after the move......

    Surf ́n happySurf ́n happyMåned siden
  • Jota, Left foot, Right Foot, who cares 😂

    Joseph MuyundaJoseph MuyundaMåned siden
  • Can't believe mane didn't chip the keeper on that 1v1. We should've had 2 goals atleast

    BarebackBarbarians FCBarebackBarbarians FCMåned siden
    • Salahs offside

      Eimer LynchEimer LynchMåned siden
  • When Diogo Jota was playing FIFA he said he will score so he did it

    Sarita RamdassSarita RamdassMåned siden
  • Wow. Keep it up

    Tarzan MalayaTarzan MalayaMåned siden
  • Philips 👍👍

    Gusti LanangGusti LanangMåned siden
  • i love liverpool is so good team

    cotsios gaming grcotsios gaming grMåned siden
  • Hope kabak and phillips start again and again

    mahathir 21mahathir 21Måned siden
  • 👏🏾🌟🎶 played stars

    Balanced Lion 7Balanced Lion 7Måned siden
  • We should get Coady back to the team /

    Mohamed AbdelkaderMohamed AbdelkaderMåned siden
    • I think we dont need another defender,but new tactic

      Normal GuyNormal GuyMåned siden