Jürgen Klopp's pre-match press conference | Fulham

5. mars. 2021
39 815 Ganger

Watch as the Reds boss speaks to the media ahead of Liverpool's Premier League encounter against Scott Parker's side at Anfield..
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  • We’ll be back hopefully

    GetClapped_PlayzGetClapped_PlayzMåned siden
  • This is not jurgen clop o know , disgrace

    Shola CowriesShola CowriesMåned siden
  • Or I think our manager is looking for another club

    Shola CowriesShola CowriesMåned siden
  • I don't know what happened with Liverpool now a big disgrace for us home,we can't even beat a small team

    Shola CowriesShola CowriesMåned siden
  • The replys on here are school yard excuses.the man has lost his mum and his best friend.give the guy and team a rest.

    MartinMartinMåned siden
  • You will never walk again!

    Ahmed AboelMagdAhmed AboelMagdMåned siden
  • Klopp is best at raising the roof.. no fans = no heat

    Alley CadatAlley CadatMåned siden

    CityzensCityzensMåned siden
  • Kloppout!

    Johnny BrixJohnny BrixMåned siden
  • I don't like salah

    Dagan _Official1054Dagan _Official1054Måned siden
  • I thought, Klopp is done. But just looking on team selection for Fullham game it is a clear signal for mental recovery. His decisions of before games all emotional, now it looks more rationale. I asked me monthes before why he never plated in that formation before and Justin’s his Mittfelder and attackers as usual?

    Jay StevensJay StevensMåned siden
  • We understand... when we have everything what we need then we will win everything . Ynwa

    Fird SofFird SofMåned siden
  • You never walk alone klopp best coach ever

    Robin CinottiRobin CinottiMåned siden
  • I trust in klopp

    Robin CinottiRobin CinottiMåned siden
  • We all with You liverpool Ynwa Never Walk Alone

    Mohamed TawfikMohamed TawfikMåned siden
  • Klopp looks and sounds exhausted. It’s about time these players step up, stop behaving like spoilt beats (Mo) and support a manager who has given them everything!!!!

    Void VoidVoid VoidMåned siden

    KyleKyleMåned siden
  • It's either he will get sacked or he will quit he is exhausted and his making some stupid decisions when making subs why bring on chamberlain for salah and that cost us we lacked creativity mane and firmino needs some bench jota should come in and Curtis should play on the wing and keita in midfield with Thiago and wijnaldum

  • Lost support from the Chelsea game no fricking shots on target the players are not trying that is what is showing

  • Get Phil continue

    Andrew CribbinAndrew CribbinMåned siden
  • Klopp the flop out now!

    Callum BushCallum BushMåned siden
  • Always the last past as you said is chaotic then what is the solution to fix the goals drought

    Nasser RuhomallyNasser RuhomallyMåned siden
  • common midfielders n front 3 , lets make GOALS.. YNWA...

    EH SREH SRMåned siden
  • No Kop no Liverpool. Suffering because we don't have our 12th player.

    Paul ApplebyPaul ApplebyMåned siden
  • 5 straight home defeats and the cycle hasn’t ended. We could potentially lose 6 on the trot. They need to avoid defeat today at all costs. Fulham will really want to beat Liverpool like never before

    Star BoyStar BoyMåned siden
  • inb4 we lose 4-0 to fulham

    Bangladeshi MapperBangladeshi MapperMåned siden
  • You'll Never Walk Alone Reds ❤🇮🇩 Comeback Stronger..!!

    SSA MamahUpi.7iSSA MamahUpi.7iMåned siden
  • Trent and Jones not good enough I'm sorry but it's the truth I I love them but I love Liverpool winning more Don't start 66 shirt and number 17 an we see Liverpool winning again the bear are not good enough Trent keep wasting everyone's efforts by random crosses and Jones very good but NOT STARTING 11 NO WAY it's really frustrating watching Liverpool like this just because of 2 irresponsible teens For god sake why no one can see this ?not tracking back 75% of the goals Liverpool conceived is coming from the left side and I'm sorry Trent take the criticism

    _Alyssia_ xx_Alyssia_ xxMåned siden
  • Liverpool need NewBalance! . . . . . it was a nice kit 😀

    hassancika13hassancika13Måned siden
  • No. 7 epl☹️

    lantak mulantak muMåned siden
  • I really don't care about the injuries. Even though we lost our key players, we have to adapt. We can't just play like this.

    3xotixST3xotixSTMåned siden
  • مع الاسف انت كنت عندي احسن مدرب في العالم قبل الانهيارالاخيرياريت الوادابوودان اللي اسمه أصعب اسم في الفريق جوينز تقريبا يخلي باله من صلاح انت يابني تاريخك ايه علشان انت كمان مش بتباصي ليه

    Tarek AsakerTarek AsakerMåned siden
  • Please liverpool, start playing a 4-2-3-1 formation. Teams have worked us out and we have to be different. We'll see the best of tiago and firmino!!!

    Mark BrownMark BrownMåned siden
  • YNWA lets goo we will win this

    Warren SchembriWarren SchembriMåned siden
  • Need a performance 2moro

    Atif HussainAtif HussainMåned siden
  • my blood is.red❤

    Apdiwali ahmedApdiwali ahmedMåned siden
  • van djik + gomes + jordan + matip + shaqiri + arnold + salah + firmino + mane + roberston ////// best 10 players at liverpool

    xinN nxinN nMåned siden
  • klopp vs chelsea must change mane not salah

    xinN nxinN nMåned siden
  • YNWA🔴🔴🔴

    cowboy lalalacowboy lalalaMåned siden
  • Liverpool fans are sucking

    이민식이민식Måned siden
  • Most suitable place for liverpool is middle or efl championship

    이민식이민식Måned siden
  • Salah Mane must leave liverpool liverpool is so small for them

    이민식이민식Måned siden
  • Klopp must leave liverpool liverpool is so small for him

    이민식이민식Måned siden
  • Chelsea is better than liverpool

    이민식이민식Måned siden
  • Lampard is much more better than Gerrard

    이민식이민식Måned siden
  • Liverpool is the poorest place in england its people are also sucking

    이민식이민식Måned siden
  • Manchester united is better than liverpool

    이민식이민식Måned siden
  • Liverpool is the smallest club in the world

    이민식이민식Måned siden
    • And you're a virgin.

      Deadeye1967Deadeye1967Måned siden
  • YNWA

    Oğuz HanOğuz HanMåned siden
  • fabinho hav to be midfielder and thiago hav to be offensif

    nizar mokdadnizar mokdadMåned siden
  • jurgen you have to use different strategy with your players you have solutions

    nizar mokdadnizar mokdadMåned siden
    • Yes. But he was not willing for that changes. Today, first time I was thinking finally he got it, a rational selection of the backline with players in there natural positions. The midfield and attack players all looks good, but way Milner instead for Jones I have no idea.

      Jay StevensJay StevensMåned siden
  • Comeback stronger

    Sushant ChipteSushant ChipteMåned siden
  • Cmon you boys ❤️❤️❤️

    Sushant ChipteSushant ChipteMåned siden
  • What Klopp has done within 4-5 yrs Has been remarkable , the Board John Henry an the Boys. Must back Klopp dig deep for debt an buy an get those players For the success of the team

    johnbob augustinjohnbob augustinMåned siden
  • Real Liverpool fans will be with Liverpool through their ups and downs.Up the Reds❤️🔴!!

    Ethan73_POGOEthan73_POGOMåned siden
  • Klopp win the next match and win the CL this season or get the fu k out this club your tactics are so stupid

    OTFTOTFTMåned siden
    • Bruh. You're not REALLY expecting us to beat teams like Bayern with this season do you? Its allowed to have 1 bad season calm down mate. Klopp done so much for us

      TheMadPenguinTheMadPenguinMåned siden
  • ✊♥️

  • Out please

    M. RaikiM. RaikiMåned siden
  • Worst defending champions in prem history. Why wud you take salla off wen you need a goal an introduce millner wen yur chasing a game lol everyones lost the plot at liverpoool id rather walk alone ha

    chill Smithchill SmithMåned siden
  • We need tactical change. Our opponent knew our game plan.

    Andika KurniawanAndika KurniawanMåned siden
  • Do not play Trent, Thiago, Ox, Firmino this season pls

    ThePradecThePradecMåned siden
    • Handicap. Stfu

      CIANG707CIANG707Måned siden
  • Even if we get relegated this season I still want Klopp with us,I supported this team when we had 0 trophies ..years after years of heartbreaks ,gerrard slip n all that...I remembered everything, got heartbroken & still supported & believed. I believe in us...believe in our team.We shared the joy of winning together & we will also share the sorrow of loss together as well.YNWA Jurgen!❤Hope everybody believes in you and our team.They need our support guys.If we are not with them in thess tough times why are we supporting this team for?

    shambo royshambo royMåned siden
    • still some platics are ranting klopp out...

      bobby dazzler Firmino calfreezy no to super leaguebobby dazzler Firmino calfreezy no to super leagueMåned siden
  • Fans need to take the blinkers off, this is relegation form pure and simple and what’s worse, there is no sign of improvement at all, we are just consistently bad. Why are we even contemplating being out of the champions league? Why are we accepting these absolutely awful performances from this team? You can blame injuries, but the writing was on the wall back when Villa destroyed a full team, tactically Klopp doesn’t have it. He’s not changing formation to adapt, his game management is awful, he’s too stubborn with his style of football and it’s Dortmund and Mainz all over again. There’s faith and there is blind faith, he’s asking for trust based on nothing, I do not trust nor believe Klopp and this team will improve at all and the owners need to think about doing the right thing. No one is bigger than the club.

    Osmosis909Osmosis909Måned siden
  • Liverpool just need to score to win. Apparently they couldn't. LOL

    FarizzulFaroukFarizzulFaroukMåned siden
  • I think he is almost resigning now. He does not hang out longer after so many losses. BVB all over again

    Muhura DedanMuhura DedanMåned siden
  • Thiago and Keita were both🔥🌟great Bundesliga competitors and now they're one team. Both of them had a close stats in Bundesliga. Hopefully they both get chance to play together on the midfield line to create new great chemistry🔥🌟.

    adriel woadriel woMåned siden
  • Ben Davis didn’t play much this season play minutes game time

    Youssef Eltawab6Youssef Eltawab6Måned siden
  • 그 가짜 9번 피르미누좀 팔아 씨팔진짜

    LEELEEMåned siden
  • Jota he is good player starting lineup Sunday afternoon

    Youssef Eltawab6Youssef Eltawab6Måned siden
  • Ayolah bikin Anfield ngeri ama angker lagi bagi tim lawan! In klopp we trust! YNWA🔥

    Muhammad Afreno saputraMuhammad Afreno saputraMåned siden
  • I’m counting the days until social distancing ends this dreadful season ends and see us back on top again Trust in Klopp no matter what

    Junaid MohammedJunaid MohammedMåned siden
  • That does not look like man that can turn it around he looks out of it like he’s not with it he looks drained off all energy and ideas I’ve absolutely ZERO confidence he can turn in it around.. we need stevie g in ASAP.. klopps completely lost the plot he’s insane

    AB 1AB 1Måned siden
  • Klopp is good but players are letting him down

    Nigh ChaiyabanNigh ChaiyabanMåned siden
  • This means less

    Wesomeda 07Wesomeda 07Måned siden
  • Klopp Out!!

    Tonio O'NeillTonio O'NeillMåned siden
  • Menangin lah asu

    Razan DhikaRazan DhikaMåned siden

    Wesomeda 07Wesomeda 07Måned siden
  • You Will Never Walk Alone Jürgen Klopp!

    AzmilAzmilMåned siden
  • J K looks exhausted. Lots of players need to be sold & replaced.

    Ronan CRonan CMåned siden
  • All the clowns 🤡 saying klopp out are not true Liverpool fans FACTS and have memories of a goldfish if you truly feel like this go support Dubai FC we don’t need supporters like you

    TheGreatestPlayerInTheWorldTheGreatestPlayerInTheWorldMåned siden
    • Successful and top teams make hard decisions to stay top, they don’t put the blinkers on and blindly support a team doing so badly that they will finish mid table. What’s worse is there are no signs of improvement, no adjustment of tactics, no style of play or attack whatsoever. We will end up waiting another 30 years by not taking action

      Osmosis909Osmosis909Måned siden
  • Klopp is a Liverpool legend a proven record the best bit begins on the Klopp and the Liverpool comeback. It will happen and Man City know it and so do the rest of the Premiership. No Premiership team wants to play at Anfield and no Premiership teams wants to play Liverpool. Fans back soon.

    Aw SomeAw SomeMåned siden
  • Just two words 'Don't lose' YNWA I didn't have feeling to watch liverpool now like 2 years ago:'(

    AlimonzAlimonzMåned siden
  • Hello 👋

    Arat hosseiniArat hosseiniMåned siden
  • One Direction

    MFF StoryMFF StoryMåned siden
    • Clueless

      TheGreatestPlayerInTheWorldTheGreatestPlayerInTheWorldMåned siden
  • Just as into how much on through Liverpool themselves where they’re own Premier League title defence will go away for this season to that if ever they were to win, draw or lose in more of their next home fixtures at Anfield or their away matches to almost try & to play their beautiful game

    Philip CoppPhilip CoppMåned siden
  • Jurgen Klopp for me, he’s brought the old Liverpool back and had an outstanding run of results

    Manaf PcManaf PcMåned siden
  • We can't run out of champions, we need adrenaline in the team and already for the next season if salah or mane leave doesn't matter, the important thing is the team not a player We can't run out of champions, we need adrenaline in the team and already for the next season if salah or mane leave doesn't matter, the important thing is the team not a player in Special. YNWA ❤️🤘

    KaiserKaiserMåned siden
  • Bla.. Bla.. Bla.. Broken record! He is faling to find solutions and demotivating his stars!

    Tony SursalTony SursalMåned siden
  • time to bench Thiago and start Fab in his natural position

    KC MobileKC MobileMåned siden
  • The reality is now for us Liverpool fans . . . No top 4 finish. No champions league next season. No big signing. Salah and Gini leaving. And I don't want to think about the rest

    Khan ChoudhuryKhan ChoudhuryMåned siden
  • I love this man , if he gets us top 4 with injuries and no fans and with var being what it is. Deserves huge respect. The man is a legend

    Steve KMSteve KMMåned siden
  • Ppl saying Thiago is the problem are deluded, it’s the whole team. Missing sitters and making bad decisions in the final third by other players are not Thiago’s fault. Can he improve? Yes. But so can every other damn player. YNWA

    Shaun ThomasShaun ThomasMåned siden
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    Priest Fulton J Wingba JRPriest Fulton J Wingba JRMåned siden
  • klopp i trust you

    Haroon TanveerHaroon TanveerMåned siden
  • Flopp the fraud overhyped manager finding excuses again🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    الله سمانا المسلمين ،من أنتم يا سنة وشيعة ؟الله سمانا المسلمين ،من أنتم يا سنة وشيعة ؟Måned siden
  • Opinions? We adapt? No when your backline is decimated you have to change your tactics/formation, and Klopp has not done that. Plain and fuckin' simple. Also, Mo will leave because Klopp doesn't know how to accommodate his personality type. Giving him the Captains arm band would do wonders.

    mattjoe1982mattjoe1982Måned siden
    • Why should he give salah the armband just because he ask for it. The players have already voted b4 for virgil and gini to be third and fourth choice captains after hendo and mille. Your just a plastic clown that gives into pressure like the weak piece of sh*te you are. If salah wants to leave just because hes not gooten the captains arm band he can leave. You can go support man city. This clubs not for you

      Stephen JamesStephen JamesMåned siden
  • Please win

    Danielobinna OguguaDanielobinna OguguaMåned siden
  • Tough times but this team will return to glory. These players and coach are too good. A lot has gone against us and we haven’t had any good luck. It will turn!

    Tafari KgosiTafari KgosiMåned siden
  • YNWA. Just hope that we at least make the Top 6, and the next season we’re definitely gonna dominate.

    AntiFodderAntiFodderMåned siden
    • Top 5*

      cowboy lalalacowboy lalalaMåned siden
  • we don’t care how many times Lfc falls, we’ll support them no matter what, that’s the best thing about Liverpool fans ❤️❤️ YNWA ❤️

    Haddy NjieHaddy NjieMåned siden