Klopp's Reaction: Boss on changes, performance & training plans | Liverpool vs Fulham

7. mars. 2021
134 961 Ganger

Jürgen Klopp speaks to Peter McDowall immediately following the Reds' disappointing home defeat to Scott Parker's Cottagers in the Premier League at Anfield.
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  • Con không nghe mẹ nghe cha, mắm không ưa muối thì ắt là đổ đi

    Renan RodriguesRenan RodriguesMåned siden
  • 😭😭😭❣💯

    MustkiMustkiMåned siden
  • Klopp losing it. He already can't figure out the solution for the streak losing result. The forward can't score goals. The midfield not creative anymore. The defense just keep making mistake. Liverpool just going down and probably for good not entering Euro or UCL next season. Focus on the league and team building. Remove the players not performing anymore.

    FarizzulFaroukFarizzulFaroukMåned siden
  • Born a Red, Live a Red, Die a Red YNWA 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

    Ifa KerrIfa KerrMåned siden
  • What is your problem?????

    Yosief FitwiYosief FitwiMåned siden
  • Hahaaa 0.1 lfc nobb

    Ina InayIna InayMåned siden
  • Titanic is sinking m klopp

    ben ismaben ismaMåned siden
  • It's time for him to go. Klopp the flop!

    GwashereGwashereMåned siden
  • I think Klopp can go back to how we setup against Man City away game this season. Salah as striker, Mane on the left, Jota on he right and Firmino as number 10 behind striker. Gini and Keita played in the middle. Fabinho and Kabak as centre back. TTA66 and Robbo as full backs. Ali1 as GK. This is the best setup we can have with the players available. With Jota energy and Keita creativity bringing the ball from the middle can help Liverpool create goals to solve the current crisis. In fact, Fabinho should have played as midfielder instead of centre back which is his preferred position to recycling the ball and offer defensive cover. Sadly, we have too many injuries at the centre backs position.

    The Reds 7The Reds 7Måned siden
  • "You'll never walk alone" You're still scoring goals Obviously this season you're defence isn't what it has been Maybe....Strip it back to basics for a couple of games🤔 4 at the back,holding midfielder and give Salah etc free reign to play without subbing them,pointing the finger or over demanding/asking of them Seems to me the work rate/belief and playing for the shirt is lacking Possibly/maybe inadvertently suggesting without first 11 and or inadvertently/otherwise suggesting "Subs" "Squad" just aren't good enough Now...That ain't right is it🤔 Unless...It's reverse psychology or other type stuff Bottom line...It's a team game,maybe start playing like a team again,forget all the stats/past etc it' over,gone,history Comprende👍

    CliffCliffMåned siden
  • What excuss is he gonna make now?

    AlfyrisAlfyrisMåned siden
  • Since Van Djik got injured and Gomez we have been played like we are a championship team 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    Stephan SolimanStephan SolimanMåned siden
  • I'm lost for words. ......hopefully the players will give it all the rest of the season! Jürgen will turn this around. YNWA!

    Ingvar EllingsenIngvar EllingsenMåned siden
  • I believe in Klopp but its getting harder and harder to defend his strategies on the pitch..This season needs to end and HOPEFULLY next season is better. Its obvious that we need to sell and buy new players.

    Purnell CharlesPurnell CharlesMåned siden
  • Did they just ran out of gas after sprinting for the last 4 years?

    Borin JeremiaBorin JeremiaMåned siden
  • Klopp Out

    Farid JoaquinFarid JoaquinMåned siden
  • Being angry was justified for the first few games because nobody could fathom what was happening. We now need to simply get behind our team and support them in this time, they're human beings and constant negativity from fans can impact their mental health. Win or lose, we're still liverpool fans

    ItsTrajectoryMateItsTrajectoryMateMåned siden
  • Klopp OUT

    Pete GaskellPete GaskellMåned siden
  • We never give up !its not over yet ! We are still champions no matter we loss or win !✊YNWA

    Kasym T.KKasym T.KMåned siden
  • Liverpool should change their formation. A sensible coach will not play the same style season to season. The other managers are very intelligent to learn

    OdarteyGH MEDIAOdarteyGH MEDIAMåned siden
  • The cracks were showing at the tail end of last season; it's just that people ignored it because Liverpool were so far ahead when football resumed. There's bigger problems than just injuries and poor form. I don't see Liverpool sustaining any success under owners who just aren't football people and allowed the club to stagnate until complete collapse. The issues are behind the scenes and you can see it in the attitude of the manager and players. Klopp has his eyes on the Germany job, he'll be gone in the summer. I guarantee it.

    SynysterjmzSynysterjmzMåned siden
  • I might sound unthankful. But its not the players. The manager has run out ideas. The worst team performance in all top four divisions. Thank God we managed to get enough points. Otherwise with this performance you are talking about relegation. It all started going wrong from the end of last season. We need a change at the top.

    FeryFeryMåned siden
  • Klopp has none left in the tactics tank Liverpool players have given up on the season

    kwame Akwame AMåned siden
  • We HV to shoot this time simple

    De kayDe kayMåned siden
  • Are Liverpool ever going to win any of the remaining 10 matches this season?

    Pani PerumalPani PerumalMåned siden
  • Hahahhaha.GGMU

    Hizaki TeruHizaki TeruMåned siden
  • This is the right time we sing the anthem YNWA..support our lads an boss no matter what..we've been overjoyed by their performance in last 3/4 years..now is challenging period for them and we as liverpool fc family..but we believe we can through this.. Walk on..walk on..with hope in your heart..YNWA

    Edwin MunandarEdwin MunandarMåned siden
  • liverpool only has 11 or 12 elite players... the rest are not good enough.

    Luis G SuarezLuis G SuarezMåned siden
  • I'm fed up of these bad results!! We need to have more motivation and keep winning cause if we don't then we could end up in the bottom half

    Luca De GabrieleLuca De GabrieleMåned siden
  • Liverpool forever, if you lose at anfield or anywhere we are still red

    Mohamed BaieeMohamed BaieeMåned siden
  • Just play Gerry Marsden's 'You'll Never Walk Alone'...have hope and persevere.

    Spyder LoganSpyder LoganMåned siden
  • We went from "heavy metal" to "rusty tin can" football.

    Layth BarzangiLayth BarzangiMåned siden
  • It hurts.... but we love you Klopp

    brilliante kaboyeebrilliante kaboyeeMåned siden
  • even if liverpool play at championship, i believe they cant reach top 4

    JuaN75yJuaN75yMåned siden
  • Not even a single sorry from him or the players. The world’s already so stressed and their lack of performance is adding even more stress and depression.

    Jacky RyanJacky RyanMåned siden
    • They are stressed and depressed too. They’re humans and not machines who are being affected too by this pandemic.

      delightfully1loveddelightfully1lovedMåned siden
  • lucky thing is his mum cannot see the match

    waikin2825waikin2825Måned siden
  • Klopp is the same in every pistmach: we did well, we had chances, boys did good job, there were good moments, just simply we did not score

    ThePradecThePradecMåned siden
  • Klopp is being extremely stubborn he wants to execute the old style of a high line and a high press without athletic defenders to cover. And what happens every time is balls in behind trent/neco. No more high line no more full back overlap play 2 dms and watch the difference

    Lou DaVinnciLou DaVinnciMåned siden
  • How is he not furious? He is like a broken record. The gig is up, no plan B and the players are burned out and look lost.

    Sean CafferkeySean CafferkeyMåned siden
  • Don't play wijnaldum again klopp please!

    Muhammad Afreno saputraMuhammad Afreno saputraMåned siden
  • What's wrong with Liverpool

    Gojek Jakarta DriverGojek Jakarta DriverMåned siden
  • We just need new owner could invest new player for Klopp

    IshamlfcIshamlfcMåned siden
  • Jurgen Turkey 👮

  • 4-3-3 that is not decent with youngstars.

    Klopp The KopKlopp The KopMåned siden
  • Killl me..

    Gatot BusanaGatot BusanaMåned siden
  • You'll naver walk alone❤

    Pathan YPathan YMåned siden
  • Lack of creativity...😅😅

    Garybaldi YoelpatriaGarybaldi YoelpatriaMåned siden
  • You are two goals ahead of Leipzig, so why do you have to bench some important players for UCL. Bringing them in after a goal down isn't smart enough.

    H2K2 STEPH2K2 STEPMåned siden
  • The manager needs to go Gerard has rangers at the top of the league

    Atom's ATM X Inc.Recordings 2014Atom's ATM X Inc.Recordings 2014Måned siden
  • Salah out, simple answer

    sambel terasisambel terasiMåned siden
  • No comments? 6 Home loss ..and KLOOP not yet sacked? Hmm...🤔

  • This is being done on purpose. The franchise are putting massive amounts of money on Liverpool losing to gain more profits to strengthen the side and build a bigger stadium. I have inside knowledge.

    A DA DMåned siden
  • They will just have to win the champions league now up the Reds

    Ray DignamRay DignamMåned siden
  • But Fulham is new to EPL Poor Liverpool losing 6 consecutive times From Chelsea fan

    Simon Ntinda_SIMMSSimon Ntinda_SIMMSMåned siden
  • 4-3-3 f up tactics

    Roy zraagaRoy zraagaMåned siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    number 6number 6Måned siden
  • Things like this happen. YNWA✊in Kloop we put our trust.

    Wansalan SyngkonWansalan SyngkonMåned siden

    Tonio O'NeillTonio O'NeillMåned siden
  • Another shameful performance, undoing any good work or credit from last few seasons. Players seemingly don’t care and there needs to be a massive shakeup top to bottom. At this rate, we will be lucky to finish above mid-table, those players should be ashamed, they can’t call themselves champions, they don’t deserve it.

    Osmosis909Osmosis909Måned siden
  • 4-4-3 is really bad, change formation

    steven theredssteven theredsMåned siden
  • We can’t even win on our home ground against opponent we can easily win. This is embarrassing than 8-2 Bayernbarca. Feel like don’t want to watch more games of Liverpool, this makes me deeply sad as fan.

    Chino PshycoChino PshycoMåned siden
  • Jürgen YNWA! Believe in you and in the club. I've never want Klopp to come to the club but now I newer wouldn't he leaves us. Wonderful, nice, and smart person.

    Red KopRed KopMåned siden
  • Kloppos plan is winnig the CL and qualify his team for next season. If he goes on likes this, Liverpool will be placed 8th. But what hell is wrong with Salah and Mané?

    Mustafa AtmMustafa AtmMåned siden
  • I'm united fan but i respect Klopp, He is a great manager and SUPPORT him liverpool fans in good and bad time.

    MD TvMD TvMåned siden
  • Sell walking salah asap!

    Tomáš OpletalTomáš OpletalMåned siden
  • Just stick at it, adapt, get stronger.

    zoundsiczoundsicMåned siden
  • He doesn't seem himself. Something's up or needs a break after his mother passing.

    Adam BurtonAdam BurtonMåned siden
  • win the ucl

    Aaron TAaron TMåned siden
  • Up the pool

    Pat FoxPat FoxMåned siden
  • Lets face it, we were set up to fail today. I don't like criticising Klopp but today was a seriously bad mistake with team selection! we desperately need a win and that's the team he puts out! Not good enough from the players on the pitch and certainly not good enough from the manager today!

    Lee SearsLee SearsMåned siden
  • Don't give up

    Gabriella YusiawanGabriella YusiawanMåned siden
  • Be strong Jürgen. No matter what happens you shall rise and shine for Liverpool and for youself - for those who love you in any case because of your skills and virtue.

    Aleksi SiukathyAleksi SiukathyMåned siden
  • 6 teams knew how to handle front 3 & back 4/5. expect top 8 only as realistic standings

    EH SREH SRMåned siden
  • I can't hear this "but we did ok" anymore, are you serious? There's no speed, no good crosses, no infiltration, no finishing, no heading, not even a proper corner. Klopp understand 1 thing in this world, people get champions, people get known, previsible, your good coach in developing the boys, the mentality, but where is the bloody tactics? That's where you lose to Guardiola...

    victolaaaavictolaaaaMåned siden
  • They aren’t a good side they are 2nd bottom excuses

    Chris ParkesChris ParkesMåned siden
  • They should sell Salah.

    Magdi AminMagdi AminMåned siden
  • Once a loser, always a loser. Just wait for another 30 years to be Champions

    David TorresDavid TorresMåned siden
  • It's Klopp. I know nobody will believe me, but it's Klopp's fault, because most of these games we lose tactically, we are too predictable, too slow, too shy, and not hungry enough, and we play too high line vs counter attacking teams. This is Dortmund Borussia all over again, same thing happened there. They won the league, then Klopp lost the plot and now he is here. Honestly I think its time for him to go, he achieved everything he wanted, everything team wanted, let someone else build it from here. Klopp already said he will be gone after 2022 and probably stop coaching altogether, so he has no hunger left. And that's bad. And we can see that in the press conferences where he constantly says everything is fine, so much positive, so much progress, blames everyone else. Now last 3 games he took responsility finally, but it was his fault all along, sorry to say.

    rollercoaster478rollercoaster478Måned siden
  • Let's talk a bout six maybe.. sing that song again pls

    Faichar EddoFaichar EddoMåned siden
  • Liverpool are the most predictable team to play 1-0 wins against Liverpool every time. Defend deep and break, score then defend again ........so easy 1-0 always

    Aw SomeAw SomeMåned siden
  • 0:37 what was that:))

    Ionescu BeniaminIonescu BeniaminMåned siden

    Ahmad MuflikhinAhmad MuflikhinMåned siden
  • Klopp what is going on?😭😭😭😭

    Valens LizindeValens LizindeMåned siden
  • I don't know what is wrong with Klopp and Liverpool but he seems a shadow of himself. I love klopp, one of the best human you will ever meet but it appears at this point he can't help Liverpool again. This embarrassing losses is just beyond absurd and shocking. Don't give an excuse of missing injured Virgil again coz I don't believe that is the reason. If missing one player can collapse a football club, then something is fundamentally wrong but I don't think so. This team all of a sudden can't win a match again.

    StanStanMåned siden
  • Trash

    i am high avakin lifei am high avakin lifeMåned siden
  • Liverpool are going to be lucky if they finish in the top half of the table. Absolutely shameful excuse for a team.

    Fiore DeutchmarkFiore DeutchmarkMåned siden
  • I read a lot of comment but what i can say is that this is spiritual. This is not my Liverpool. Something spiritual is wrong. They need to find a solution spiritually before it get worst than this humiliation

    KC AlexanderKC AlexanderMåned siden
  • Liverpool are missing Van Dijk and Gomez I think we play better with Adrian in goal than Alisson

    Thomas ClarkeThomas ClarkeMåned siden
  • يسطا انت تروح تبيع انابيب

    eslam mohamedeslam mohamedMåned siden
  • The Premier League might as well be the FA Cup for Klopp and the players. Their only focus is on winning the Champions League now, that much is clear.

    Red LawRed LawMåned siden
  • Sack that bloody manager !!!

    Red CrewmateRed CrewmateMåned siden
  • Wkwkwkw

    Mas RonnyMas RonnyMåned siden
  • How easy it is to go from hero to zero in the world of football managers :(

    twovthreetwovthreeMåned siden

    Ro NinRo NinMåned siden
  • Tell salah to remember to pray coz YNWA = your nothing without allah

    Ro NinRo NinMåned siden
  • Klopp u can do this make liverpool great again

    Ro NinRo NinMåned siden
  • We wont make it to Europa

    Mr EmengMr EmengMåned siden
  • I think Klopp needs to start using different formations more. Most opposition teams in the prem just sit back and park the bus. When we have all our players back for next season then I hope he will be open to trying out different formations and stop having us be so predictable. We can’t keep sticking to a 4-3-3 and hoping for the best. Even with our best team, we sometimes struggle against teams who park the bus. Ideally we need some new players aswell, to refresh the squad a bit.

    Chris TomoChris TomoMåned siden
  • You are always finding excuses and yet nothing is being done. Having chances and not scoring are two different things. Your excuses are too much!!!!

    Fiifi PenielFiifi PenielMåned siden
  • Another reds beaten at anfield