Klopp's Reaction: 'I'm really happy tonight' | Arsenal vs Liverpool

3. april. 2021
124 271 Ganger

Watch as Jürgen Klopp speaks after Liverpool's Premier League victory over the Gunners at the Emirates Stadium.
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  • Liverpool is the beast

    najma shaheennajma shaheen14 dager siden
  • Jota only needs 3min to score he is Next Ronaldo

    유튜브키지마유튜브키지마14 dager siden
  • What it means to play football while stadium is empty 😔

    ujangfixit TVujangfixit TV14 dager siden
  • มันเยี่ยมมาก...กับ รีล มาดริด ก็ให้ กองหน้า1-2ตัว บังโกลด์ของ มาดริดไว้ ให้ กองหน้า กลาง แบ๊ค หลังยิง หรือ ยิงไกล นะนี่นะ..สู้ๆน้อ...

    วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร์วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร์14 dager siden
  • my manager

    Aaron TAaron T14 dager siden
  • Avery very Amazing diog jota

    Suugaan YahanSuugaan Yahan14 dager siden
  • Ozan Kabak 🇹🇷

    Duble RakıDuble Rakı14 dager siden
  • The Kabak and Phillips partnership 😍😍

    Goat For VXLGoat For VXL14 dager siden
  • Liverpool performs in London this season.

    BowpetBowpet14 dager siden
  • Said Jürgen : I'm really happy 💯

    Anggi LanaAnggi Lana14 dager siden
  • YNWA

    LGD STUDIOLGD STUDIO14 dager siden
  • Is it obvious only to us that our Analytics Dept. is building a huge dynasty where character and family are fundamental? YNWA

    JACK The All-Seeing EyeJACK The All-Seeing Eye14 dager siden

    JACK The All-Seeing EyeJACK The All-Seeing Eye14 dager siden
  • In Klopp we trust 💯

    Siddhesh MisaleSiddhesh Misale14 dager siden
  • der

    Medina FazlovicMedina Fazlovic14 dager siden
  • สายลม รวดเร็วสายลม รวดเร็ว14 dager siden
  • We need to retain Jota and kabak in securing our future

    Osman PipopawaOsman Pipopawa14 dager siden
  • New glasses for the Big man.

    sudeep_kc_tvsudeep_kc_tv14 dager siden

    Rick WhiteRick White15 dager siden
  • Jota baby. Soon he might make us forget about all other striker. He meand business

    Josiah AbiyaJosiah Abiya15 dager siden
  • Trent is absolutely awesome!. Jota has brilliant goal scoring instinct. The big Liverpool waves are coming. .

    Prat RamkilawonPrat Ramkilawon15 dager siden
  • Champions

    Matthew du SartMatthew du Sart15 dager siden
  • 👏🏾🎶🎶🎶🕺🏾 played brilliant football ☝🏾

    Balanced Lion 7Balanced Lion 715 dager siden
  • We have champions in ucl❤❤❤❤❤

    Hadi AslaniHadi Aslani15 dager siden
  • Diogoal is just amazing, He's the future of Liverpool FC, no doubt

    Tasha IsiborTasha Isibor15 dager siden
  • Team effort makes a good game, but super sub jota new where when and scored a double then gifted mo salah scored his 100th Happy Easter👍 the stats of the game shows, I hope Arsenal learn from Liverpool team some players back from international duties or injuries pts were needed.

    H DuncanH Duncan15 dager siden
  • My wish this year is only Top 4 and reach UCL Semi final, but I don't like to lose to Chelsea/Porto, so my wish upgraded to reach Final

    Tan STan S15 dager siden
  • Well done Coach!!!

    K MK M15 dager siden
  • Great to see klopp happy! This man has been through a lot lately! Hope the lads produce more for him

    YOUNG SLYYOUNG SLY15 dager siden
  • I love ❤️ you Liverpool and also well done 👍 my favourite player is Jota

    Just AmeliaJust Amelia15 dager siden
  • Nice

    Abdulrahman AlalawiAbdulrahman Alalawi15 dager siden
  • حلم حياتي ليفربول

    ليفربول حلم حياتيليفربول حلم حياتي15 dager siden
  • اه اه. حلمي. اسافر انفلد. والع. مع ليفربول

    ليفربول حلم حياتيليفربول حلم حياتي15 dager siden
  • It hasn't been easy this season but we continue fighting. The zeal of Champions Hopefully we can see a new Fab 4 (Salah | Firmino | Mane | Jota) Let's go babbbbbbby 👏

    Temidayo GbayesolaTemidayo Gbayesola15 dager siden
  • Fabinho returned to the midfielder is great. And Jota reminded me of Fernando Torres.

    Hieu NguyenHieu Nguyen15 dager siden
  • how good is playing jota with head

    rolexツrolexツ15 dager siden
  • We Must buy kabak permanently

    Luciano KalugaLuciano Kaluga15 dager siden
  • Жаль английский не знаю

    Сережа СоболевСережа Соболев15 dager siden
  • Diogoal doing what he does best. Fabinho dominating the Midfield. Back at it again the old ways.

    HOLY CRABHOLY CRAB15 dager siden
  • 💪💪💪💪💪

    รุ่งทิวา ดุจนาคีรุ่งทิวา ดุจนาคี15 dager siden
  • Season after season we managed to make the best signing.. Jota is absolutely amazing.. 3 goals in 2 games for Portugal 🇵🇹 .. The guy is such a poacher, my gosh..

    Kopano ThelediKopano Theledi15 dager siden
  • What’s a performance!! COYR 👏🏽👏🏽💪🏽💪🏽

    Thossapol ThemnaThossapol Themna15 dager siden
  • Happy to see my team back allez allez my red

    football mitharo videosfootball mitharo videos15 dager siden
  • Well done to the game plan!! Thank You ... Mr. Klopp. YNWA

    Fatoom GierdienFatoom Gierdien15 dager siden
  • What iknow the next season will be good for us coz,,de defense machine will be back in full force,vidik,kobak,gomez,mario,trent,nut Philip,,,,, woow mwaaaaa

    Samson OukoSamson Ouko15 dager siden
  • Jota is incredible, actual scoring machine. killer instinct he has

    Saul GoodmanSaul Goodman15 dager siden
  • Agree - respect Gareth's decision. What if he used him, had a bad game & the team lost. The armchair experts would have been out for GS's blood. It's lose/lose for GS. Probably LFC's gain as TAA got a kick up the @$$. YNWA

    Ancient1Ancient115 dager siden
  • We'll be top four YNWA

    Ronny NielsenRonny Nielsen15 dager siden
  • Mo back on top baby!

    Beauty and the Beast - AutomotivesBeauty and the Beast - Automotives15 dager siden
  • No problem la! Trent will not get injured in his international duty since he is not playing there. And by the way, it's not the Trent, it's the England squad which is lower level than the Trent. So, Trent! Enjoy the England 'B' Team loosing again. And Trent! Always Remember that you are the Premier League & the Champions League Winner! So, you are currently the number 1 Right Wing Back in the Whole England. And arguably the best RWB currently in the whole world.

    Invisible GuyInvisible Guy15 dager siden
  • Jota ... Jota..Jotaaa, he's the fire of our spirit🔴🔥🔥🔥, and Klopp happy, we are happy too💪🔥🔥

    Siti NurjanahSiti Nurjanah15 dager siden
  • 😁👌👌👌👌

    Abdinasir MohamedAbdinasir Mohamed15 dager siden
  • I'm happy to see Klopp smiling 😍😍😍

    Евгений СтепинЕвгений Степин15 dager siden
  • Klop is the top coach

    Hila JansenHila Jansen15 dager siden
  • You should Robertson, I think he is fatigue physically and mentally, he is been overused both county and club, this is why his performance these days is not at par. The man needs rest, please.

    Alfred MalamAlfred Malam15 dager siden

    먕먕먕먕15 dager siden
  • Vot 😲

    Бахтиёр БОЛТАБОЙВИЧБахтиёр БОЛТАБОЙВИЧ15 dager siden
  • well in reds

    Blyat BlyatBlyat Blyat15 dager siden
  • Lets go

    Putri AleesyaPutri Aleesya15 dager siden
  • Southgate in mud tonight Fact!

    Fact Sake RafaFact Sake Rafa15 dager siden
  • in other words: “in your face, Southgate!”..

    Syed FareedSyed Fareed15 dager siden
  • Now, where are the trash talkers 🤣🤣🤣🍼☮

    Amsumathi.SAmsumathi.S15 dager siden
  • ❤YNWA❤🔴🔴🔴

    THYMENTHYMEN15 dager siden
  • 🙏I'm sorry Mr Klopp, 🙏Please try to put Keita-Fabinho-Thiago on the mid. 💪They have 🔥potential to make a 🌟 nice chemistry. 💪Let's win all the left over games👏✊KEEP IT UP✊🔥YNWA🔥

    adriel woadriel wo15 dager siden
  • How underrated is Trent defensively? Omg what a World Class Player!!!

    Benjamin BorreroBenjamin Borrero15 dager siden
  • YNWA

    Ketu MiringKetu Miring15 dager siden
  • Tactic: Jota and inshallah

    RANDOMS TVRANDOMS TV15 dager siden
  • We're really happy tonight too. Congrats Reds 👏👏👏

    Chihiro AsamiChihiro Asami15 dager siden
  • I believe you BOSS!!!!

    야호야호15 dager siden
  • I love Jurgen klopp he is my best coach in the world

    Jang SoweJang Sowe15 dager siden
  • Alisson's tache was a close second for my MOTM 🥸

    Cheeky MonkCheeky Monk15 dager siden
  • So happy

    Sara CookSara Cook15 dager siden
  • 😍

  • Apa yg Om Klopp bicarakan

    FRANSISKIU *FRANSISKIU *15 dager siden
  • This season has made Jurgen's beard turn entirely grey

    Kick BoomUKKick BoomUK15 dager siden
  • I'm really happy too Boss.

    ALI LFCALI LFC15 dager siden
  • Whoever scouted Diogo Jota needs a raise...who would have thought?!!!

    Mari Therese ReyesMari Therese Reyes15 dager siden
    • No one scouted Diogo. In the past yes but it's gone after that, but the assistant manager Pep Ljinders saw something in him and therefore he told the gaffer and michael edwards to push the deal for him after the Werner deal fell off. So credit to Pep 👏

      O'Brien DenisO'Brien Denis14 dager siden
  • If you dont already know Jota is the next big thing 🔥🔥🔥

    UserNotFound 111UserNotFound 11115 dager siden
  • Fantastic actuation all the player of Liverpool great match and fantastic victory

    Jesús Córdova SandovalJesús Córdova Sandoval15 dager siden
  • Yes Liverpool winner good luck

    ZAIKO FORSEZAIKO FORSE15 dager siden
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Suchat SaremSuchat Sarem15 dager siden
  • Brilliant performance! Well done lads!

    Youssef MorsiYoussef Morsi15 dager siden
  • Arsenal : u can't beat us Liverpol : but we're not playing at anfield 😅

    Abdul AzizAbdul Aziz15 dager siden
  • tbh, these past 5 years Klopp has made "non top tier" players performing amazingly. name one, yes one, Liverpool player that you think was top tier before they are recruited and managed by Klopp.

    Adi ParditaAdi Pardita15 dager siden
  • Klopp really loves Liverpool it anoyes me when fans are on he's back after what he's done for us.

    ban bban b15 dager siden
    • Kloppo ❣❣❣

      Rita HorvathRita Horvath14 dager siden
    • All we have now,it’s because of klopp

      Kiyan htKiyan ht15 dager siden
  • Lets goo!!! Keep the form and i think we might get top 4 i just hope that we beat real

    Jeep GamingJeep Gaming15 dager siden

    апостол павелапостол павел15 dager siden
  • I am happy tooo

    Tarzan MalayaTarzan Malaya15 dager siden
  • Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent And jota

    CallumbousCallumbous15 dager siden
  • YNWA LETS GOOO 🙏🙏🙏🙏👑👑👑👑👑💪💪💪

  • Thiago , Fabinho , and Henderson the best

    Layar 31Layar 3115 dager siden
  • Diogo Jota is only 24 years old... this guy will be a Liverpool legend.

    Lv. 5000 GodotLv. 5000 Godot15 dager siden
    • @C F half decent xdd ok, my bad, should have known sooner that i'm chatting with a troll.

      666 BRLN 999666 BRLN 99913 dager siden
    • @666 BRLN 999 he’s 24 not a surprise he is playing half decent

      C FC F13 dager siden
    • @C F bullshit. most footballers start with 20 years or so coming onto the scene at such a high level. not everyone is haaland,mbappe etc.

      666 BRLN 999666 BRLN 99913 dager siden
    • only 24? fucking hell he’s halfway through a standard footballers career . He has had a few good games 😂 loving the cute ynwa comments so predictable .

      C FC F14 dager siden
    • @miracle_ 7 no he didn’t😂

      Louis FLouis F14 dager siden
  • Reds back on the track. Well done guys

    Amanj KAmanj K15 dager siden
  • I hope Liverpool fans create a song to diago jota like other players🤩🤩🤩😁...The new hero

    Norhashimah DerisNorhashimah Deris15 dager siden
  • *RIP Claude, the legend.* ❤❤❤

    Football ClubFootball Club15 dager siden
    • @lil joey why?

      Phil McKrakinPhil McKrakin14 dager siden
    • @Abdi Lasse it doesn't matter what channel it is you rat

      lil joeylil joey14 dager siden
    • Have a great day!

      Khalid SarderKhalid Sarder15 dager siden
    • Wrong channel

      Abdi LasseAbdi Lasse15 dager siden
  • Diogoal! This Lad is Class, A killer in front of Goal, doesn't mess around just gobbles up the chances, A Kop Hero in the making! What can be said about Fabulous Fabinho The Master CDM, Legend of LFC YNWA Diogoal

    muhammed rahmanmuhammed rahman15 dager siden
  • Ozan Kabak , Fabinho and Diogo Jota fabulous!!!! Alisson mustache 😄😂🤣.

    Jan III Sobieski ,Jan III Sobieski ,15 dager siden
  • JOTA is the next cr7 who ever agrees drop a like

    Teen Cook EmmanuelTeen Cook Emmanuel15 dager siden
  • Get in 🔴YNWA🔴

    CLOUDS098CLOUDS09815 dager siden
  • Special for Jota ; , his a different player & very styles !!! Good Job Jota

    Harry DwinduonoHarry Dwinduono15 dager siden