Klopp's Reaction: Jürgen's assessment of Foxes defeat | Leicester City vs Liverpool

13. feb.. 2021
224 131 Ganger

Watch as Jürgen Klopp speaks immediately following the Reds' Premier League loss at the King Power Stadium against Leicester City.
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  • So sad. Wish we won. We are playing bad this season

    Hammaad DabheliaHammaad Dabhelia18 dager siden
  • You were there for us gaffer...we're there for you...YNWA

    Terry MckennaTerry Mckenna18 dager siden
  • “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💖

    Laura MárquezLaura Márquez19 dager siden
  • YNWA

    Somkiet MalathongSomkiet Malathong19 dager siden
  • No mane no party,no salah still party. Simpel

    sambel terasisambel terasi19 dager siden
  • Alisson is becoming de gea

    china is not my friendchina is not my friend19 dager siden
  • i'm still support you Boss YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE.

    Dian DzulkifliDian Dzulkifli19 dager siden
  • If you can't support when we lose, don't support US when we win...YNWA... AllezAllezAllez...🔥🔥🔥

    Amin SuhermanAmin Suherman20 dager siden
  • it is very difficult there are always bad times during some time in your life. but whatever the problem, there is a solution nearby. for the case of LIV, I think that at my level remains -klopp must refuse to lose midfielder and defense That is to say, he lost the defenses by injury but he is losing by these choices. in this case, I suggest that he leave FABINHO, HANDERSON and the 5 playing in midfield so he has his natural midfield from last season and now see the defenders he has on white whatever their level to be confident step by step this strategy will allow him to have the right middle and win the middle battle so these strikers have balloons and be able to score goals even if the defenses failing it will allow him to lose only the defense and not the defense and the middle at the same time . This will bring us back to the team situation before the arrival of VIRGIL V where we score a lot and we encase bouceaup. I am very far from KLOPP and passionate about what he does. ALCANTRA his games are not adequate to the philosophy of LIV, we do not need the possession of the ball but the deadly productive counterattacks. Please if you are closer to me than klopp or his friend, or you are a liv fan please forward this message. May GOD assist us and give us the right solution. YNWA

    Younoussa DIALLOYounoussa DIALLO20 dager siden
  • just imagine mo salah leave

    Fadli SuryantoFadli Suryanto20 dager siden
  • we must not give up how we won the ucl final and semi final this is my future club and i trust that we will never walk alone fans and klopp if you read this we must not give up on mother anfield and liverpool we must turn our focus to the tuesdays match we can do it we have the strength and the power to do soo we will never walk alone fannnnsssssss.YNWA

    Daniel kifle G/selassieDaniel kifle G/selassie20 dager siden
  • I love u boss.

    whozazaza zazawhozazaza zaza20 dager siden
  • YNWA, Klopp

    sunny scorpionsunny scorpion20 dager siden
  • Change your tactics!!!

    obinna12obinna1220 dager siden
  • Jorgen klopp should resign replace kenny daglish

    gurunmen77gurunmen7720 dager siden
  • Ông ấy và toàn đội đã cố hết sức, tôi thấy rõ được điều đó.

    PrimePrime20 dager siden

    Aron GattAron Gatt20 dager siden
  • Klopp just sounds devastated and rlly upset. Fell bad fr him

    Abdullah NaveedAbdullah Naveed20 dager siden
  • Change your system a narrow 4-2-3-1.. with Salah up front n firmino behind him Firmino n Salah needs to be close Mane on the left chamberlain on the right Jones n wijnaldem DM extra cover for unfamiliar defense

    Shabier ParkerShabier Parker20 dager siden
  • allison absolutely PATHETIC,DellBoy

    paraffinalienparaffinalien20 dager siden
  • yo someone help me did alison and robbo have a scrap in the dressing room after the game against leicester. i’m so confused 🙄

    Roksana RoxyRoksana Roxy20 dager siden
  • We’ve been through worse than this current period. We just have to ride this wave of bad results but we will get out of it and smash teams silly again. YNWA!

    Khensani MalulekaKhensani Maluleka20 dager siden
  • We will fight and fight again. That is the football.thing

    KitamenLejen TVKitamenLejen TV20 dager siden
  • 👋Season isn't over yet. Anything good and bad still possibly happen.🏆👏Come on Liverpool🔥YNWA🔥

    adriel woadriel wo20 dager siden
  • 🙏RIP for your Mom, Mr Klopp. Deep condolences for you Mr Klopp. Sorry for your lost. Hopefully you get 💪strength from God. Amen.

    adriel woadriel wo20 dager siden
  • EPL is already difficult but there is still chance for UCL🏆. 👏Come on Liverpool.🔥YNWA🔥

    adriel woadriel wo20 dager siden
  • YNWA!! much love ♥️

    Aidan Wesley GanasenAidan Wesley Ganasen20 dager siden
  • Stay strong Jurgen we don't forget so easy what you've brought to this club. YNWA

    Doom BlackDoom Black20 dager siden
  • I love you boss i supporters you everytime🤟

    nim liverpoolnim liverpool20 dager siden
  • *_You'll never walk alone_*🚩❣️

    harinandan rajeshharinandan rajesh20 dager siden
  • You'll never walk alone Jurgen.

    kankara janyathamkankara janyatham20 dager siden
  • Ynwa

    arekmegat terunearekmegat terune20 dager siden
  • A few bad games and everyone is annoyed. "Liverpool you'll will never walk alone" Best coach in the world best team in the world. Klopp will bounce back next season.

    Darren SalgadoDarren Salgado20 dager siden
  • YNWA

    Nannapat LekwilaiNannapat Lekwilai20 dager siden
  • Liverpool thailand Ynwa สู้ๆๆไปด้วยกัน

    Mana ApinanMana Apinan20 dager siden
  • We still love you boss we will go through all this together

    Ganyo AnthonyGanyo Anthony20 dager siden
  • All thanks to Jordan Pickford😑

    Aswin SasthriAswin Sasthri20 dager siden
  • You'll Never Walk Alone

    SkapetSkapet21 dag siden
  • Malayalalies undo❤️❤️❤️

    Muhammed NuaimMuhammed Nuaim21 dag siden
  • Boss❤️

    Muhammed NuaimMuhammed Nuaim21 dag siden
  • Dear me! Was this really Jurgen or his brother Klipperty? He gets the benefit of the doubt on a clear penalty. What do Leicester do? They shrug their shoulders and get on with the free kick. On the offside the VAR supports Leicester. But, Oh No! says Jurgen - that decision is plainly wrong. Liverpool's only hope is to grasp some reality and truth and they have got off to a poor start

    Andyscorpio1955 PinderAndyscorpio1955 Pinder21 dag siden
  • Never give up Klopp 💪💪

    Muhammad roufanMuhammad roufan21 dag siden
  • This is we’re the proper lfc fans come together & get behind are team & the best football manager in the world Come on the reds let’s show the world how good we are ✌️ sorry about your Mum Jurgen I know how it feels I lost my dad on Christmas Day

    DAD SKILLSDAD SKILLS21 dag siden
  • I enjoyed the game though results didn't favor us

    Timothy MbogoTimothy Mbogo21 dag siden
  • YNWA

    om mhamanksom mhamanks21 dag siden
  • 😭😭😭

    IMDADIMDAD21 dag siden
  • You are having a big problem Mr Klopp your players are letting you down. Allisson bench him in several games to rest. Adrian made a mistake was benched he deserves the same. Change your foramation. They beat us on counter attack it is awful. We dominate the game and lose.

    Hussein KarimHussein Karim21 dag siden
  • Keep your chins up lads, YNWA.

    Yoyo458 AYoyo458 A21 dag siden
  • You never walk alone❤️❤️

    Storhamar HockeyStorhamar Hockey21 dag siden
  • YNWA

    Arisa PotipibulArisa Potipibul21 dag siden
  • We trust in klopp, but I’m not sure about players,some of them behave like looser on the pitch,they’re not deserve to play for this club

    Amirhosein NabinejadAmirhosein Nabinejad21 dag siden
  • Klopp = out Jurgen = in

    syekh hardisyekh hardi21 dag siden
  • I Know Jurgen will be back stronger . We stand with u Jurgen I can see as a fan losing defenders to injurys is tough but I still believe in him he can change a any player into a legend of the game YNWA

    Future Tech HDFuture Tech HD21 dag siden
  • I would not blame him Jurgen. We have difficult situation with injuries and all. Hopefully we can bounce back soon. YNWA.

    Azfar AzmiAzfar Azmi21 dag siden
  • head up boss.u'll never walk alone

    MrAnti MasonMrAnti Mason21 dag siden
  • I was weeping yesterday. Thiago being unnecessarily being sloppy and giving away the freekick. He received some frustrated shouting from Hendo. Then the 2nd goal disaster. The 3rd goal sloppy passing, it finished the game. When Mo scored the first goal, Klopp again looked in the sky like he did in the Spurs game. Shame really, individual errors cost us the game. I really thought that players would get the win for our Manager.

    Deveshan ShukreDeveshan Shukre21 dag siden
  • Klopp you're still the best 💪

    M 33M 3321 dag siden
  • No matter what happens, I still support the coach and team. Playing efootball PES mobile with all Liverpool's squad, coach. I love Liverpool, YNWA.

    Chí Bình TrầnChí Bình Trần21 dag siden
  • The Club, team and Klopp needs our support, more than anytime. YNWA.

    Som DuttaSom Dutta21 dag siden
  • Liverpool admin please put subtitle indonesia language on reaction Boss after match ...

    Mukil TMMukil TM21 dag siden
  • We have to support liverpool everywhere. Win or lose always liverpool forever😊

    Arash AizatArash Aizat21 dag siden
  • Good luck Davies👍

    adriel woadriel wo21 dag siden
  • Put Davies and oblak both and remove Henderson in the mid.

    Idris JustinIdris Justin21 dag siden
  • Bench Alison plz admit he made a mistake and he should be benched for uncountable mistakes

    Idris JustinIdris Justin21 dag siden
  • Please tell klopp to change the system to 4231..for God sake

    Muhammad TaufikMuhammad Taufik21 dag siden
  • Marko Grujic can be an alternative CB.

    adriel woadriel wo21 dag siden
  • 🙏Sorry Mr Klopp, Liverpool needs to buy back Ovie Ejaria or Rhian Brewster. 👍Ovie Ejaria has a good stats of most dribbles on the Championship.

    adriel woadriel wo21 dag siden
  • I trust Klopp

    권택현권택현21 dag siden
  • 🙏Sorry Mr. Klopp, Liverpool needs to try seldom faces back to the main team to make a new things that potentially more better. 🙏Please use Ben Woodburn, Harry Wilson, Harvey Elliot, Kamil Grabara, Adam Lewis, Liam Millar, and Taiwo Awoniyi.

    adriel woadriel wo21 dag siden
  • No matter how they perform.... I standby Liverpool....... Injury to our defender basically disrupt our well-oiled system, midfielder hv to play as defender...... Totally disrupt it...... Hope VVD n JG recover fast, but not rush them for fear or aggravate their injury..... JK will know what to do... He a master tactician.....

    Allan ChangAllan Chang21 dag siden
  • Need to strategize the gameplay a way around the officials/VAR so they can't take the opportunity (with bookies) to get corrupt and break our spirit on field

    deen rashiddeen rashid21 dag siden
  • Throw away you ego jurgen, stop playing hendo to defence, hendo best attacking, Play kabak and davies center defence or Phillips

    Amirul AminAmirul Amin21 dag siden
  • Let's bounce back and fight really hard for top4. We are with you and the boys. YNWA

    Hoang Son LeHoang Son Le21 dag siden

    Njir 09Njir 0921 dag siden
  • payah guru

    Den FathurrDen Fathurr21 dag siden
  • Keep going. YNWA. In Klopp we trust. Klopp is facing a tough period. As a supporter, we must stick together at this tough time.

    peppermintz19peppermintz1921 dag siden
  • I don't what happen to liv they played good football high levels pressing 💪 We will back

    Prem Shob MPrem Shob M21 dag siden
  • Improper player purchase!

    kangbrewok brewokkangbrewok brewok21 dag siden
  • Success always start with failure. Remember when he took over LFC club, we are nothing that time. He proved it by give 3 titles & now its a moment LFC team need player no. 12 (support) to stay strong & positive. Defeated is pain but YNWA Klopp !

    Louis Ak Ediwat DomLouis Ak Ediwat Dom21 dag siden
  • No matter how many times I break my fist by punching the wall (not even exaturating lol) you always have my support! 👊👊👊 YNWA!

    The YawnThe Yawn21 dag siden
  • YNWA

    เกริกเกียรติ ว่าถูกใจเกริกเกียรติ ว่าถูกใจ21 dag siden
  • Alison penampilanya makin kendor.....dimana vandek liverpool sdh kocar kacir ini

    Suswanto WantoSuswanto Wanto21 dag siden
  • 맨시티의 독주로 또 재미없어진 EPL 맨시티는 우승해봤자 EPL에 도움이 안된다 만수르나 펩이나 무슨 감흥이 있겠노 무조건 챔스다

    차트분석하는남자차트분석하는남자21 dag siden
  • 심판들이 돌아섯다

    차트분석하는남자차트분석하는남자21 dag siden
  • "you never walk alone" Liverpool forever👏👏👏

    TajulZAN_ Gamers10TajulZAN_ Gamers1021 dag siden
  • Don't worry my lfc family, we have 10 first team players injured,we will have hhemmback we have had a bad season with injuries.we are Liverpool we will be back.YNWA

    naz 1968naz 196821 dag siden
  • Harvey barnes taking a phone call😂😂

    Josh HensonJosh Henson21 dag siden
  • BOSS, Don't give up. ❤️YNWA❤️

    Sweetpotato SeoyongSweetpotato Seoyong21 dag siden
  • I hope klopp doesn't get sacked. He is a top manager

    Hassaan ToorawaHassaan Toorawa21 dag siden
  • It's no fair mc has one more game in hand while they're leading with big gap

    ماليزيا اليومماليزيا اليوم21 dag siden
  • It is time for new tactics. Since we lose many times with same tactics. So, what else?

    Ali BabaAli Baba21 dag siden
  • YNWA

    AmrAmr21 dag siden
  • When I try to see from his view I feel heartbroken. It is too hard to say such words in post match interview.. The whole support to my loved manager. Very though time.. few people will believe that they made great match.. the result is so hard, players reaction to the VAR decision is so human. I hope them all keeping trying get things again in the right order, to be in the deserved rank. Jurgen Klopp is inspiring man before being anything else.

    Mo'men Tawhid - مُؤمِن تَوْحِيدMo'men Tawhid - مُؤمِن تَوْحِيد21 dag siden
  • we must beat the toffees

    Aaron TAaron T21 dag siden
  • To win a games, Liverpool need to score more than three goals. I advice Klopp since the match against Fulham. Since noting have been working with Liverpool. We can't dream for any title these year and the next saison Liverpool wouldn't play champions league. I think it is time to look for good action decision for future. Thanks for Klopp for everything but in six years, we gain only one title in FA.

    Dovany Marcel TaliedjeDovany Marcel Taliedje21 dag siden
  • Make sure that you start singing "When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high" at the tops of your voices next game! We go again! YNWA Jurgen.

    Mike DinsdaleMike Dinsdale21 dag siden
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    work for ALLAHwork for ALLAH21 dag siden
  • I'm a Sunderland fan. Liverpool's my second team and always has been. I'd like to know opinions on supporters of a huge club, like liverpool, do u liverpool fans think that Sunderland are a big club? I'd love to know the opinion of liverpool fans,

    Stephen ReedStephen Reed21 dag siden
  • Ynwa💪💪✌✌❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Nine NuttawatNine Nuttawat21 dag siden
  • Like not much we can do injury stricken all season 10 first team players injured this season. It's been hard but don't forget even with all the set backs were sat top of the league few weeks back and finished top of the CL group. To still be up in the top 4 with everything that's going on is a positive in itself. Just need to put a good run together and finish the season off well

    SmallSparkSmallSpark21 dag siden