Top 10: Liverpool's best Premier League goals at Arsenal | Mane, Salah & a 30 yard screamer

1. april. 2021
95 324 Ganger

Ahead of the Reds' visit to the Emirates Stadium in the Premier League, watch as we count down the best goals netted by LFC away at Arsenal
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  • I saw each game live, am old ;)

    LIVERPOOL 6xLIVERPOOL 6x7 dager siden
  • Missing Coutinho 💔

    IMRAN IVANIMRAN IVAN13 dager siden
  • 2:29 Southampton FC

    Adi PrisadaAdi Prisada14 dager siden
  • Firmino is Gerrard in #9 shirt

    sihle mhlangasihle mhlanga14 dager siden
  • フィルミーノがドリブルから決めたゴールが忘れられない フェイントでディフェンダー二人くらい滑らせて一人でアーセナルDF陣を手玉にとったゴール 最高だった

    小十郎片倉小十郎片倉15 dager siden
  • bring coutinho back

    asad mallickasad mallick15 dager siden
  • That 4-1 game was amazing

    BenjaminBenjamin15 dager siden
  • Firmino's solo goal at Anfield is missing I was waiting for it the whole video.

    Lauro SönserLauro Sönser16 dager siden
  • Where is salah's counter attack

    GamePlayerGamePlayer16 dager siden
  • Missing the Bobby Firmino solo goal couple of years back..that should be #1

    P VP V16 dager siden
  • Liverpool we still have hope in u dont give up and try hard YNWA YNWA YNWA

    THANG SANGTHANG SANG16 dager siden
  • YNWA

    Jusup RoniJusup Roni16 dager siden
  • Firmino ???

    Serge DelgadoSerge Delgado17 dager siden
  • Manes goal was just incredible

    RGX SavageRGX Savage17 dager siden
  • Great strike from Coutinho but Mane's goal No.1 for me, great memories of the celebration with Klopp

    amphilbeyamphilbey17 dager siden
  • I am waiting to see kabak breaking bezema arm's in this coming quarter final

    Arjun adithyaArjun adithya17 dager siden
  • Where is firminho?

    Bani HasibuanBani Hasibuan17 dager siden
  • Peter Crouch was the man, god I almost forgot about him

    Jason NewstedJason Newsted17 dager siden
  • What a glorious strike from Robbie keane. Almost forgot that one

    Kalpa HarshanaKalpa Harshana17 dager siden
  • Miss coutinho 😭

    Haikal MirzanHaikal Mirzan17 dager siden
  • Liverpool is back

    Jama WasesaJama Wasesa17 dager siden

    Piyadanai ThuwakumPiyadanai Thuwakum17 dager siden
  • Wheres Mellors winner?

    ahmad taufeeqahmad taufeeq17 dager siden
  • Coutinho back to Liverpool. Pliesee 🙏🙏

    Wong IndoWong Indo17 dager siden
  • Please transfer erling halland. GO to Anfield stadium. M. Salah+halland+mane. Amazingg. Incredible

    Al ManafAl Manaf17 dager siden
  • Miss coutinho, we don't have replace yet

    Yo GaYo Ga17 dager siden
  • No Firmino? Unbelievable

    jajang teujajang teu17 dager siden
  • That Mane's goal got me like "oke I was wrong, he's a great signing"

    haruadi setiawanharuadi setiawan17 dager siden
  • Porfavor quiero una camiseta de Virgil van dijk. Thi is Anfield ♥️

    _BUUMERANG__BUUMERANG_17 dager siden
  • Nice na Liverpool

    Norou NdiayeNorou Ndiaye17 dager siden
  • Liverpool e apaixonado pelo Coutinho sempre lembra algum belo lances dele.

    Ezequiel LimaEzequiel Lima17 dager siden
  • 1:20 Jermaine Pennant was look like Mo Salah from the side 🧔

    ThantraThantra17 dager siden
  • How on earth salah's counter attack against bellerin not in this list , it should be the first

    omar deboomar debo17 dager siden
  • Does anyone know the name of the music?

    Alan HansenAlan Hansen17 dager siden
  • I want to see coutinho again in a liverpool shirt

    Face-offFace-off17 dager siden
  • Bring Coutinho back!!!

    Estevao CavalcanteEstevao Cavalcante17 dager siden
  • mo sa

    dy yydy yy17 dager siden
  • @Liverpool Fc pls like and reply to my comment of you love your fans

    Mohammed AhmedMohammed Ahmed17 dager siden
  • Sadio & Macca for me ...

    Sid CannonSid Cannon17 dager siden
  • Well, guess this time we would even struggle to score 1 goal

    wonderful human being with a great characterwonderful human being with a great character17 dager siden
  • Nicolas Anelka is back to the reds everyone

    Samet ÖzkanSamet Özkan17 dager siden
  • Liverpool 🔴🔴🔴

    Neymar SFCNeymar SFC17 dager siden
  • ngl, the arses will be in a surprise on Saturday

    PixiFictionPixiFiction17 dager siden
  • Era que no se valla coutinho

    Orlando Pedraza pedrazaOrlando Pedraza pedraza17 dager siden
  • That gerrard assist for riise is out of this world

    Flying FortyFlying Forty17 dager siden
  • What was in PhilCou s head?!

    Alin IONIȚĂAlin IONIȚĂ17 dager siden
  • Gerard's pass for Owen 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Zxenon NemrodZxenon Nemrod17 dager siden
  • Coutinho i miss him

    EvgeniyIDEvgeniyID17 dager siden
  • I've been looking for Bernardinho 50

    Ishtee RashidIshtee Rashid17 dager siden
  • Coutinho is indeed one of the best free kickers of the last 10 years in European football.

    Ронахи Дневной светРонахи Дневной свет17 dager siden
    • Messi doesn't exist anymore

      Thomas PhilipThomas Philip16 dager siden
  • Arsenal's goals at Liverpool were actually better though

    Parveen PariParveen Pari17 dager siden

    King AbduKing Abdu17 dager siden
  • Great goals but a penality? No question Coutinho won :) Honestly I saw much better top 10 goals. I like Owen, Salah and Coutinho very much.

    SIE Bend StudioSIE Bend Studio17 dager siden
  • Mo salah best player come is liverpool

    Gomaa OmarGomaa Omar17 dager siden
  • How do you leave out Firmino dropping 3 Arsenal players like flies?

    CiCoCiCo17 dager siden
  • Mane's goal should've been number 1 with Robbie Keane's as number 2

    Trystan GrantTrystan Grant17 dager siden
  • I’m an absolute lfc fan will support for life whatever happens

    Riley SinghRiley Singh17 dager siden
  • 1:02 Gerrard is too good.

    NabzNabz17 dager siden
  • Salah and Coutinho. 👍

    karl Erasurekarl Erasure17 dager siden
  • Who came here for Mane's first goal ever for us 💉💉💉💉

    J WCJ WC17 dager siden
  • Firmino goal ???

    Dijon DennisDijon Dennis17 dager siden
  • Kuyt penalty 10 years ago I remember that game like it was yesterday

    senan molloysenan molloy17 dager siden
  • The Reds 🔴

    Vieira GamesVieira Games17 dager siden
  • Miss Countinho ❤️ hope the best for him in his current club.

    Nabila AzizNabila Aziz17 dager siden
  • phil coutinho. i miss him so much.😭😭😭😭

    Sabih alSabih al17 dager siden
  • Mellor goal should definitely be in the top 10

    gary 32gary 3217 dager siden
  • comeback to freekick again Coutinho.

    จงเอก เปลี่ยนสายสืบจงเอก เปลี่ยนสายสืบ17 dager siden
  • Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool is the best

  • I’d take coutiniho and Suarez back 👀🔴⚪️

    Connagh stokesConnagh stokes17 dager siden
  • 2:54 Those were the days that Mane and Salah genuinely liked each other.

    SinxSinx17 dager siden
    • they still do, people just like to create drama out of nothing

      Jasim ZoobiJasim Zoobi17 dager siden
  • My prediction arsenal 1-2 liverpool fc

    Syahmi ShahrinSyahmi Shahrin17 dager siden
  • Robbie Keane's strike remains one of the most underrated goals I've ever seen.

    Colonel SaundersColonel Saunders17 dager siden
    • Miss coutinho

      Thomas PhilipThomas Philip16 dager siden
    • I thought I was the only one who thought that

      Tasha IsiborTasha Isibor16 dager siden
    • I think Robbie Keane was transferred during the time of Benitez. but it was an extremely unnecessary transfer for Liverpool. At that time, he could have paid 3-5 million euros more and added a striking name like Karim Benzema to the squad.

      Ронахи Дневной светРонахи Дневной свет17 dager siden
    • ... so fcking difficult to score!

      BigHolz75BigHolz7517 dager siden
  • Salah ♥

    elking khaledelking khaled17 dager siden
  • Arsenal like a kitten in premer league

    omar salh iraq #omar 1995omar salh iraq #omar 199517 dager siden
  • coutinhooooooo

    Abyan QobusAbyan Qobus17 dager siden
  • The unadvised tire laterally claim because stitch conversly extend given a plastic port. wrong, zealous glider

    Ngo Hanh PhuongNgo Hanh Phuong17 dager siden
  • I swear when against Arsenal,Owen look like he always have something to show on the pitch....

    Normal GuyNormal Guy17 dager siden
  • Muhamad salah👍👍👍

    Roni FaslahRoni Faslah17 dager siden
  • Imagine if Coutinho stay. our front four will be unstoppable and we might win the cl in 17/18 tho🥺

    Farish ImanFarish Iman17 dager siden
    • There won't be Ali, Fab and VVD. We would win f*ck all, just like before 2019

      wonderful human being with a great characterwonderful human being with a great character17 dager siden
  • The champions #1

    Matthew du SartMatthew du Sart17 dager siden
  • Salah

    Shima WahbaShima Wahba18 dager siden
  • Keene’s should be a lot lot higher up - unbelievable technique

    Jordan SmithJordan Smith18 dager siden
    • ... so fcking difficult to score!

      BigHolz75BigHolz7517 dager siden
  • Let's appreciate these Gerrard passes...

    OSAOSA18 dager siden
  • حبيب القلب. ليفربول. حلمي. العب مع ليفربو

    ليفربول حلم حياتيليفربول حلم حياتي18 dager siden
  • Pls win game arsenal.liverpool pls win i trust you ok

    Alim AlimAlim Alim18 dager siden
  • Get Coutinho back Liverpool, please!

    Aditya PresentationsAditya Presentations18 dager siden
  • Mashallah

    Abdulrahman AlalawiAbdulrahman Alalawi18 dager siden
  • Faltou o do Bobby FIRMINO?

    Digo CaiçaraDigo Caiçara18 dager siden
  • Who wants coutinho back😪💔

    yash mohessyash mohess18 dager siden
  • Riise resembles Haalland 😆

    〔عبد الله abdullah ツ〕〔عبد الله abdullah ツ〕18 dager siden
  • Coutinho please comeback to premier league. Comeback to liverpool. 😭😭😭

    Justin JoseJustin Jose18 dager siden
  • why they always shout 'hoooof'

    Aaron TAaron T18 dager siden
  • Bring Coutinho Home

    TheInvader97TheInvader9718 dager siden
  • This is going the the the most important run in our season, we need to win pretty much every game if we want to atleast finish 4th and we need some form if we want the UCL which is still looking possible for us as long as we become consistent and player can stay fit for the final run in

    Riyadh RahmanRiyadh Rahman18 dager siden
  • All Goal👌👌

  • M.salah.😍

    Salman !Salman !18 dager siden
  • Salah ❤️🔥🔥

    Muaz KhotMuaz Khot18 dager siden
  • Come on we can win against Arsenal I think start jota salah and firmino and mane if you want

    Samiul IslamSamiul Islam18 dager siden
  • Liverpool and are senal who is best team?

    Awesome BoysAwesome Boys18 dager siden
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    ـඊꪆↄـඊꪆↄ18 dager siden